‘High Class Homos’: Can Two Gay Royals Find True Love?

‘High Class Homos’ is a Webtoon comedy about two gay royals trying to find love.

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The Webtoon High Class Homos is a gay romance comedy about two royals who are gay and want to find love. Creator Momozerii updates her comic every Thursday and Sunday. Will the two teens of royalty get the love they want and deserve?

High Class Homos: The Plot


Princess Sapphia of Mytilene is not into princes. So when her parents start to put pressure for her to get married, she asks for help from her gay best friend, Prince August of Phthia. Will they be able to pull off this shame marriage? This comedy romance is about navigating their lives as royal leaders, understanding their status, their jobs, and finding love.

High Class Homos Characters



Sapphia is the princess of Mytilene, the neighboring kingdom of her best friend August. She is very outspoken and obsessed with finding love. She enjoys going to the kitchens in August’s kindgom to flirt with the maids there. She is really close to August and her parents believe they would suit each other. However, her parents have no idea she is a lesbian. She comes up with a plan to pretend to marry August soon while she tries to find her true love. So far she is interested in Marla and possibly Odette. What will blossom from these relationships? Will her past come to haunt her?



August is the prince of Phthia. He is very studious and logical. He is best friends with Sapphia and they are attached to the hip. He doesn’t know how to explain that he’s gay. His parents have no clue at all. When his father is giving him new responsibilities, he wants to make him proud; however, August is lonely, and his long time crush Percy is so thick headed he hasn’t picked up on his cues. But will teaching Percy how to read spark any interest?



Percy is the new commander of the knights. He is amazing when it comes to chivalry and showmanship. He is friendly and kind to his fellow knights and the prince. However, he is dense when it comes to picking up on the prince’s feelings for him. However, as he learns how to read, he can’t help but feel something for Prince August that he wants to explore.



Odette used to live outdoors with her family, one with nature; however, as the kingdoms expanded, she was forced to take a job as a cook and manage all the cooks and maids in the kitchens. She is bitter about this job but it helps provide for her family. Her long hair is now short, and she deep down blames the kingdom’s system for her position. However, when she meets the charismatic and loud princess Sapphia, she can’t help but get irritated at her constant flirting. But there are more layers to the princess than she thought. She can’t understand the feelings that stir in her heart. Is it Marla or Sapphia?



Marla is one of the cooks and maids working under Odette. She is very sweet but enjoys sparring with a sword. Her past relationship did a lot of damage to her. Odette has been her best friend ever since she arrived as the new employee. Marla is infatuated by Sapphia and her constant visits. Soon, they begin to date.

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