How to Make Time to Read on a Daily Basis

The desire to read a book or two is strong, but the urge to do nothing or claim you’re “too busy” is stronger. What if there was a way to bring back the spark of reading? With these 5 tips, you’ll be reading again soon!

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It’s that time of day when you promised yourself that you’d read. But that moment never comes. The urge to devour a book is gone. Your bed becomes your new best friend. Our lives are so hectic. Making time to read doesn’t seem optional. With work and other obligations, where is the downtime? Don’t fear, there is a way to bring back your inner bookworm. With five simple tips, you’ll be reading a few chapters a day. 



Create A Reading Spot

When it comes to reading, it’s all about location. Finding your most comfortable spot is the first step to a reading space. In order to create a reading space ask yourself these questions: Where do I feel most comfortable? How would I want this place to look? What will I need to create my space?

Once you answer these three questions you are ready to create it. This technique helped me create my reading spot. My reading spot is on the couch with three pillows and a lavender-scented candle. I also took into account how I wanted a blanket over my legs and the curtains partially closed. And of course, I made sure to put on calming music to put me in the mood. Everyone’s space will be different. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes background noise, or the kind who reads in the tub at night. As long as those three questions are answered honestly, it should be an easy first step.




Set A Time Schedule

There are only twenty four hours in a day. Granted, most of those hours are spent doing important matters. However, within those few hours, there are gaps. The key is to figure out a time that you have absolutely nothing going on. If we can spend over three hours scrolling through social media, I’m sure we can make that time to read a couple of chapters. A time schedule is the best solution. You can use a reminder app on your phone, or a calendar. Mark a time when you’re free. Do this every day. The time can be an hour or longer, or even less. Don’t feel obligated to complete your entire reading time.  Reading is a pleasurable leisure activity. The point of this tip is to create a flexible time schedule for yourself.


Routine, Routine, Routine

With your reading spot and time put together, now is the time to create a routine. Routine helps things become a habit. When you commit to a daily task, you do it. This means no second-guessing yourself. If the “I can put it off until later” crosses your mind, get rid of it. Setting your time schedule is a good way to keep yourself consistent. It may take time to adjust but always read. Even when you don’t commit to an hour or thirty minutes. If it’s only five minutes of reading, so be it. Regardless of how long, you still did your routine so pat yourself on the back.


Audiobooks Are Books, Too

People have said that reading is fun but tiring. I can understand that our eyes tend to droop when looking down at words. Despite how magical and enthralling a book may be, we all can get sleepy. Maybe reading a physical book is not your thing. If you used to be an avid reader or not, technology has created a solution.

Audiobooks are the newest way to enjoy reading without having to read it yourself. With amazing voice actors around the world, the book comes to life. The one upside to enjoying an audiobook is that you can take it everywhere. The power is within your fingertips. Whether you commute daily to work or are tidying up your home, the story is being played for your ears. Any time and anywhere, just plug in your headphones or AirPods. If audiobooks are your way of reading, I encourage you to add them to your time schedule. Audiobooks give more opportunities for reading spots. It’s all up to you!



Break Time

Very important and final tip. Taking a break from reading is important. It may seem shocking to many bookworms, but it’s true. Having too much of a great thing can be bad. Yes, you created a routine now and have the times sorted out. That doesn’t mean it has to be every single day. Space out your reading time. Unwind in other ways. The last thing you want is for a leisure activity to become a second job or worse, a chore. The brain needs time to shut down. Reading may be calming but it leaves your brain active. Take a nap, eat, or exercise. Let your mind and body be stimulated by other activities. Of course, make sure to get plenty of rest. 


I hope these five tips were a helpful guide to your next reading session. Happy reading!


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