‘iCarly’ Reboot Renewed For A Second Season

On Thursday, Paramount+ revealed that the ‘iCarly’ reboot is returning for a second season!

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On Thursday, Paramount+ revealed that the iCarly reboot will return for a second season! Released nearly ten years after the original series aired, the reboot shows audiences where the iCarly characters are in their lives now, as well as a glimpse of what occurred in the years between the original show and the present day.



According to Entertainment Tonight, the iCarly reboot follows Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) and the other characters as they navigate work, love, and family as adults. Nathan Kress returned to play Freddie Benson, Carly’s best friend. Also starring in the reboot is Jerry Trainor, who plays Carly’s older brother Spencer. Some new characters introduced in the reboot are Carly’s roommate Harper (Laci Mosley) and Freddie’s stepdaughter Millicent (Jaidyn Triplett).

Cosgrove states the reboot has “evolved a lot.” Reflecting back on her time with the show, she says she was thirteen when she first starred in iCarly, and the experiences her character underwent on the show were also things she was experiencing in her own life. Similarly, Cosgrove is now twenty-eight and is also going through the same situations as her character does in the reboot. She admits, “It’s just been really fun getting to play the character again and getting to see where her life has taken her.”




Joining Cosgrove as an executive producer for the reboot is Ali Schouten, who is also a showrunner for the series. In an article by Bustle, Cosgrove told Entertainment Weekly that the show is more aimed at the fans who watched the original series, since the reboot is “not really a kid show anymore,” but “mainly made for the people who watched when they were little” and are now in their twenties.

The first three episodes of the iCarly reboot aired on June 17th, and new episodes are released every Thursday. The first season will have seven episodes in all. As of now, no information is available regarding when fans can expect season two to premiere. However, Entertainment Tonight reported filming for the second season is likely to begin later this fall.


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