Is The Sandman And Justice League Team Up Possible?

Who doesn’t love a good old crossover? Is one with The Sandman and the Justice League possible. Read ahead and find out!

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According to writer Maxwell Yezpitelok, it is very possible for Neil Gaiman’s Sandman to do exactly that. Neil Gaiman’s famous comic book series The Sandman has not only received a recent audible adaptation, but Netflix will soon be releasing an adaptation of the series as well.

Which then presents the question, since The Sandman is very much so a part of the DC Comic universe… how likely is it that we will see some of the famous crossovers that we had the opportunity to read about appear in a Netflix adaptation?

Not only does DC Comics publish The Justice League–this publishing company was also responsible for serializing The Sandman. You can imagine the crossovers that took place because of this–in particular, Yezpitelok draws attention to when Dream appears at the Justice League’s headquarters, and they end up eating cookies in the kitchen at 4 a.m. Additionally, superheroes showed up for a dream funeral, and Dream made Starro the Conqueror into a necklace.

Image Via Wall Street Journal

It’s moments like these where it’s exciting to think about the sort of range and presence characters have in a universe created by several authors and artists. While The Sandman‘s cast is most definitely not the only series that exists within a shared universe, it is still one of many that holds an impressive amount of promise for crossovers. And while it’s already exciting to think that the series is going to get a Netflix adaptation, it’s also really fun to think about what sort of spinoffs this series might engender.

So with Netflix’s new Sandman series in the works, both Yezpitlok and myself hope to see the Justice League appear in one shape or another in this new adaptation.

To learn more about the crossovers that the Sandman cast have been a part of, check out Yezpitelok’s article here!

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