It’s Official, Folks! Robin’s Bi!

In the latest issue of Batman: Urban Legends, DC Comics reveals that one of the Robins, Tim Drake, is bisexual.

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Holy rep, batman! The boy wonder is bisexual!



Tim Drake, one of the many characters to wear the title of Robin, has recently been revealed to be bisexual in the latest installment of the anthology series Batman: Urban Legends. In Drake’s story “Sum of Our Parts” (written by Meghan Fitzmartin with art by Alejandro Sánchez and Belén Ortega), Robin rescues Bernard Dowd from being sacrificed by chaos monsters. As the pair fight side by side, Tim has what the fans have called “a lightbulb moment” regarding his feelings for Bernard. He later visits Bernard outside of his Robin persona, nervously talking himself up.  Bernard answers the door and asks Tim out on a date, and he happily accepts it. 



Still, fans were confused as to whether this confirmed Tim Drake’s sexuality or whether or not Robin is just experimenting. Luckily, DC released a short and sweet statement: “Tim Drake dates boys.” Alex Jaffe, who writes for the official DC Website, elaborates further: If you’re a member of DC’s significant queer community, then you already understand why this is a big deal…And despite a multitude of new Robins, each with a parade of their own heteronormative partners, queer readers have continued to see a piece of themselves within the Boy Wonder…But that should be no surprise… Robin was created to be a reader surrogate—a character that readers could project themselves onto, fighting crime across rooftops under the enigmatic Batman’s wing. There have been female Robins, Black Robins, rich Robins, poor Robins. So why would a queer reader, especially one overtly ostracized by comics culture itself for so many decades, feel any less worthy of that same surrogate relationship?”