‘Jeff’s disORDERs’ : A Psycho and Psychologist Romance

Can a killer and psychologist fall in love? Find out in this horror romance Webtoon, where a road trip with a serial killer wasn’t the hands-on experience this unemployed psychologist was hoping for.

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Jeff’s disORDERs is a horror romance about a serial killer and an unemployed psychologist on the road trip of a lifetime. The creator, Lexet, has posted her chapters on Webtoon. If you want to see the uncensored versions of gore and violence, check Lexet.art for the raw chapters. For fan art and drawings, check Lexet’s Patreon content.

Now Let’s take a look at the horror plot!

Jeff’s disORDERs Webtoon Plot


Young psychologist Danelle Faye is trying to get out of her waitress job and pursue her degree. When she finds an opportunity at an asylum, she is immediately rejected due to her lack of experience. Little did she know, experience would be coming first hand. But a road trip with a serial killer wasn’t what she had in mind.

Dr. Danelle Faye


Danelle is a licensed clinical psychologist. She waitresses part time and is looking for an opportunity to use her degree. She is a small firecracker, with an attitude and can hold her own despite fear. She has a lot of bark but not enough bite. Yet she has intelligence when it comes to reading certain situations, but is still vulnerable.



Jeff has been in the asylum for a very long time. There are many blanks so far as to how he landed himself in the asylum. All we know so far is that he is a serial killer and has a sinister laid back attitude. He plans his escape from the asylum by taking her hostage, forcing her to comply to his request. He is creepy, yet acts jokey and playful toward her. Jeff sees her as an amusing tool to use in order to escape somewhere. Not killing her or tolerating her rage is a curiosity in itself.

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