Live Action Pokémon Is Coming To Netflix!

Variety has announced a Live Action Pokémon show that Netflix is beginning to develop. What will this show be? (We don’t know but it’s fun to speculate)

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Netflix is in the process of creating a live action Pokémon show! According to Variety, it will be in a similar style to Detective Pikachu. I, personally, am a huge Pokémon fan and have been for almost as long as I remember and was ecstatic upon seeing this headline, but on second thought I’m a bit nervous as well. Well I’m sure live action Pokémon like Eevee will be a hit, what about some of the more, shall we say, freaky Pokémon? Live action Grimer, anyone?





Variety states that there aren’t details on what the show will be about. Will it be a new version of the original Pokémon show, or will we receive new characters with new goals? There’s a lot to do in the Pokémon universe, so I’m hoping we can stray from the path of endless gym battles. There are so many gym battles! We need a Pokémon marathon race, or Pokémon post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama, and there’s a whole range of ghost type Pokémon to star in Pokémon horror shows. Personally, I think a Pokémon sitcom where people just go about their lives would be a lot of fun. The world of Pokémon has already expanded so far that you could really set any type of show in it and it would work out well. So it’s not that I dislike watching gym challenges, it’s that I think there’s so much potential to do more.






What are you hoping to see from a new Pokémon show? Let us know in the comments (and definitely throw in your favorite Pokémon while you’re at it)!


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