‘Locke & Key’: Season 2 Premieres Just In Time For Spooky Season

Season 1 of Locke & Key took a whimsical approach to the book; season 2 will continue with the murder mysteries, drama and supernatural thriller, as we expect to see a more in-depth look at the Keys’ and their history.

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Last season, we left the characters of Locke & Key with the satisfaction of thinking they won. Unknowingly, they were far from it. Season 1 took a whimsical approach to the book series that you wouldn’t want to miss. This adaption is a murder mystery, drama, and supernatural thriller all rolled into one.


The integrated media company, IDW Media Holdings, Inc., (NYSE American: IDW), celebrates the premiere of Locke & key season two on October 22. Based on the IDW graphic novels written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, season two continues to star Darby Stanchfield (as Nina Locke), Connor Jessup (as Tyler Locke), Emilia Jones (as Kinsey Locke) and Jackson Robert Scot (as Bode Locke), discovering more magical keys, whilst coming to terms with their newfound responsibility as “the keepers of the keys.”

In their press release earlier this week, Carlton Cuse (screenwriter, producer, and director, best known for the American television Lost) and co-screenwriter Meredith Averill provided an update on upcoming launches in its publishing line-up, as well as highlighting strategic efforts made to support original content creation and distribution. 


Is season 1 somewhat of a blur?

Don’t worry, continue reading for a detailed summary of everything that went down earlier in the series (warning! There might be some spoilers). In the beginning, the story revolves around three children Tyler, Kinsey and Bode. After their fathers’ mysterious murder, they moved across the country from Seattle to Massachusetts to their ancestral home. They soon find out there is more than meets the eye to this family home. The trio discovers keys hidden around the home with mysterious powers. 

Bode, the youngest of the three, consequently allows a demon to escape by giving her a key with the ability to travel anywhere she pleases. This demon who tricked Bode is on a mission, leaving a trail of death in her path. The trio soon discovers that adults are unaffected by the magic and can keep no memory of the keys. This adventure would be one they took alone. Kinsey and Tyler begin to use the keys to their own advantage, while Bode works on protecting them at all costs. Each episode reveals a new key they will have to protect from the demon who will stop at nothing to get them. 

Later in the season, an old foe returns, Sam, the misguided and corrupted teen that murdered the children’s father. He breaks out of prison to do the demon, Dodge’s bidding and collects the head key. The head key allows one to enter another’s mind and can find or get rid of certain information. He holds the family hostage until he can get what he wants. Dodge ultimately gets to the key and finds what she is looking for.


Season one wraps up with Dodge getting ahold of the Omega Key, which will unlock the black door in the caves below the house. By doing so she will release demonic entities ready to possess all humans. The three Locke children thought they got rid of Dodge for good by throwing her through the door but little did they know it was actually Ellie, a family friend. Dodge had used the identity key to make Ellie look like she was creating the illusion that she was gone.

A major twist arises when we find out that Kinsey’s love interest, Gabe, was actually Dodge in disguise the whole time. In the process of getting rid of “Dodge”, a friend from school, Eden, gets hit with Whispering Iron and becomes demonically possessed. The Whispering Iron is what the keys are made of but when latched to a person, summons a demon spirit. Not only have they lost an ally, but they have created another enemy in the process.

In season 2, we will see the history of the keys and will even be introduced to more keys yet to be found or created. Eden and Dodge have big plans for season 2 with far more distribution and manipulation. Where is Ellie? What has Dodge planned? Watch Season 2 tomorrow to find out!

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