‘Loki’ Episode 4 Explained

Episode 4 of ‘Loki’ really went off! We have a heavy one today folks; get your tissues ready.

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We have a heavy one today folks; get your tissues ready. A lot of SPOILERS, so beware!




In Episode 4, ‘The Nexus Event,’ we start with a little Sylvia as she plays in her room in the palace of Asgard. Suddenly a TVA portal opens up and takes her, destroying her time line. Instead of Ravenna being a higher up, she is the Minuteman who brings her in. Once Sylvie is in front of the judge she breaks free with Ravenna’s temppad and escapes.

On Lamentis, Loki and Sylvia sit together waiting for the end. Sylvia asks if what makes a Loki a Loki is the fact that they lose. Loki answers by saying that Lokis survive and that they will be alright. The two really vibe and they hold each other’s hands. Their connection cause a branch in the timeline and they are found by the TVA.

Loki gets taken to Mobius’ office where he is put into a time loop. And lets Mobius know that the TVA is lying to him. While there, Mobius is curious about agent C-12 who was taken hostage by Sylvie and fell pray to her enchantment power. Ravenna tells him that she mentally declined and died. He also wants to interrogate Sylvie but Ravenna shuts him down. Hmmm, okay Ms. Girl.





Mobius interrogates a beaten down Loki. He ask how long he has been working for Sylvie. At first he says that they aren’t partners. Mobius makes accusations that Loki has feelings for her and how narcissistic that would be to which Loki denies. He then tells Mobius that she came to Asgard a long time ago and they both put the plan in motion. The old Loki probably would’ve sold her out but he didn’t so it’s clear that she’s had an effect on him. Loki finally breaks down and tells Mobius that everyone at the TVA are Variants that were taken from their timelines. He doesn’t believe him and throws Loki back in the time loop.

Mobius has a drink with Ravenna to wrap up the case and while her back is turned he switches her temppad with his. All the while Hunter B-15, is clearly shaken from Sylvie using her powers on her. She gets into her holding room and takes her back to the apocalypse from Ep. 2.  She asks her if she implanted what she saw. Sylvie insists that she didn’t and B-15 lets her show her again.



On the temppad he watches C-12 integration which confirms what Loki told him. He then goes to Loki and two are on the same side again. They are stopped by Ravenna and other Minute Men. Mobius takes the time to answer her question that she asked back in her office. If he could go anywhere he would go back to where he’s originally from, see his family, and get a jet-ski. But she quickly erases him.

Both Sylvie and Loki are taken by Ravenna to be put in front of the Timekeepers. After a scuffle, thanks to their new ally Hunter B-15, the all powerful beings are revealed to be nothing more than robots. Ravenna then erases Loki before he can presumably tell Sylvie his true feelings. Wow. The Trauma!





Marvel really let the credits roll after tearing my heart out but for the first time in the series we get an end credit scene where Loki awakens to find four other Lokis staring back at him. Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, an alligator Loki and Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki.

This episode really put us all through it and left so many unanswered questions. Who invented the TVA? Were the Timekeepers ever really real? Why wasn’t Sylvie just allowed to exist? What did her presence and the other Lokis just existing really threaten?

Now that we know Loki is just in a void like space, Mobius, C-12 and who knows how many other Variants are still alive. Whew, two more episodes to go!





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