‘LoveBot’: a Sci Fi Dystopian Adventure

Go read ‘LoveBot’ a science fiction Webtoon about what makes us truly human.

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Webtoon comic LoveBot is a science fiction dystopian work created by wives Miranda Mundt and Chase Keels.


It’s the year 2049 where affectionate robots(Lovebots) are the replacement of real human relationships. Astrobleme enterprises is the company that produces several new Lovebot models. Xada, also known as, Jackalope, modifies these Lovebots to set a specific want or need of their clients. But one job leaves the newest Lovebot model in a state where it is aware and has real human emotions. The Lovebot asks for help. Sparks fly as Xada learns about human connection while finding the truth behind the Lovebots franchise.

Here are four characters in this thrilling science fiction series!



Xada is a brilliant computer and engineer whiz. They spend most of their time modifying Lovebots for clients that have specific setting needs. Xada runs this less than legal operation as a job under the name Jackalope. When Xada comes into contact with the latest Lovebot called 1919 model, they discover something strange. The Lovebot experiences real human emotions. Xada has been a recluse most of their life and hasn’t been close to anyone. They have this urge to protect the 1919 model and figure out how his human emotions are possible.

Lacey (Lovebot 1919)


Lacey is the latest model called Lovebot 1919. Lacey chose his name when staying with Xada. Before he met Xada, Lacey was at the mercy of his abusive master who worked at the company Astrobleme Enterprises. At first he didn’t feel any emotions, he just listened to his owner. But when Xada modified him, he felt different. Suddenly he could feel pain, and quickly escaped his master’s clutches. When trying to find a place to run, he immediatley thinks of Xada. Lacey then stays at Xada’s home while they figure out what happened to his settings. As Lacey discovers all these new emotions, he develops feelings for Xada and he will do anything to keep him safe.



Xada’s best friend and roommate, Velix works for Astrobleme Enterprises. Velix has feelings for Xada but it’s only one sided. He spends most of his time worrying over Xada and working for the company. When the boss of Astrobleme Enterprises takes an interest in him, he begins to question where his interest should be. Velix is hostile and suspicious of Lacey because he wants to make sure his best friend is safe from harm. But will his employment in the company cause complications later in the series?



She is the secretary at Astrobleme Enterprises. Ever since that breach with new Lovebot 1919 model, it’s her job to find the defective machine. She sends a robotic bounty hunter to investigate. However, no such luck has come her way. She has been working for the boss for years. She knows the true nature behind the man. It’s dangerous to compromise her place within the enterprise. However, it’s clear that she does not enjoy working for him and keeping secrets.

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