‘Lovely Hell’: A Demonic Fantasy Between a Human and Devil

Go read ‘Lovely Hell’: a demon fantasy Webtoon about a lesser demon seeking help from a human. What dangerous adventures await them?

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Lovely Hell is a Webtoon that focuses on fantasy and demons. If you want action and demonic adventure then this Webtoon is perfect for you. The creator is Titasupp, also known as Tita. This comic updates every Monday.

Lovely Hell: The Plot


Tanz is a powerful demon of pure evil and is banished to Earth against her will. With no plan and her powers weakening, her only hope is Cain. Cain is a human man who decides to guide her through Earth to get back to her true home, Hell.

Lovely Hell Characters



Tanz is a badass demon who is very powerful. Her specialty is immense strength and blue fire. She has black horns that go in and out, due to hiding or weakness. When she is kicked out of Hell by one of her fellow demons, she has no idea how to get back home. She is searching for answers, and Tanz doesn’t care if she has to be reckless to do it. When encountering Cain, at first she thinks he’s a worthless human. However, after many coincidental encounters, she can’t help but take pity on him, so she strikes a deal with him. Now that he is bound to her, she can become stronger and now has someone to help her navigate this strange place and go back to Hell.



Cain is a firefighter who saves lives. One night while on duty he notices Tanz caught in a strange blue fire. When he goes to save her, she throws him into a tree and he gets injured. At first he believes it to be a hallucination. But when he sees her again in the same predicament, he knows something strange is going on. When she reveals she is a demon, at first Cain is skeptical, but with all the strange demonic encounters and Tanz’s unexplainable powers, he is persuaded. Reluctantly, he makes a pact with the female demon, promising to help her find her way home.



Set is Caine’s fire fighter friend. He is usually protective over Cain. When Cain gets injured and explains his encounter with a strange female with horns, Set takes it upon himself to protect him. Turns out he is a trained exorcist and is aware of the demon world. When Tanz gets close to Cain, Set must dispose of her. However, once the deal is made, he has no choice but to be wary and keep an eye out, lest the Angels have anything to say about it.

Go read Lovely Hell for more reveals and storytelling of the Webtoon. For more Webtoon recommendations click here, and check every Wednesday for updates.