Maisie Williams Isn’t Opposed To Playing Arya Stark Again

Arya Stark once asked, “What’s west of Westeros?”… Maybe one day we’ll find out.

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British actress and producer Maisie Williams was twelve years old when she made her television debut as the mischievous, clever, and headstrong Arya Stark in HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Arya undoubtedly remains a fan-favorite among the Thrones characters. Her journey on the show was without question bizarre, exciting, and self-satisfying.



According to Winter is Coming, in a recent podcast called Table Manners (hosted by Jessie Ware), Williams was asked whether she’d consider returning to play Arya one day and learn what her character has been doing since the series finale of Game of Thrones. Williams responded, “Well I could do it because I didn’t die…I’m waiting on the call!”.

Williams has definitely kept herself busy since the epic fantasy drama ended in 2019. Along with three other friends (two filmmakers and a director), she started her own podcast entitled Frank Film Club, where the group watches and discusses their favorite films, reports Winter is Coming. Williams will also star in an upcoming biopic about the English punk rock band the Sex Pistols.



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Game of Thrones fans know it’s difficult (sometimes near-impossible) to talk about Maisie Williams without mentioning her former co-star Sophie Turner, who portrayed Arya’s older sister Sansa on the show. Despite Arya and Sansa’s complicated relationship, Williams and Turner are actually very close friends in real life. Recently, rumors speculated that they were no longer friends, but Williams quickly shot down those claims and praised their friendship.

On the Table Manners podcast, Williams stated she views Turner as a sister, rather than just a friend. As Turner and Williams were cast for Game of Thrones at the same time, they were able to support each other throughout filming and while growing up on set. Williams admitted, “We got the role at the same time and we grew up on the show together and it was so amazing to have another person who was going through it at the same time because I think…it would have been too much otherwise.”




She added, “Being a teenager is hard, then I was also on this show. I never knew who I was but I’ve come out the other side now. I’m not that different to the girl I was trying to be – but I was having a crisis.”

Although she initially felt very anxious when promoting Game of Thrones at large, public events, Williams is now more used to the attention and chaos that they create. Stepping back and taking a “big break” from being in the public eye has also helped her. She realizes that she’s now “much better with public-facing.”