Make Your Reading Even Sweeter For National Dessert Day

Have a sweet tooth, but not sure what to eat? We gathered our favorite dessert cookbooks in celebration of National Dessert Day to satisfy your cravings!

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Reading is more than just escaping to a fantasy world or finding your way through a thrilling mystery. Through how-to guides and step-by-step directions, you can learn a new talent just by reading! To celebrate National Dessert Day, we’re listing some of the top dessert cookbooks in the country so that you can enjoy the perfect fall read with a little treat on the side.

Get ready to indulge your sweet tooth because you’re going to want to try out more than one of these books!


Bless Netflix for providing viewers around the world with the UK’s Great British Bake Off. If you don’t know who the iconic Mary Berry is, you have most certainly been living under a rock. The Queen of Baking has a thousand and one cookbook, but a great place to start is the book Baking with Mary Berry. Her cooking specialty has been cake and desserts for over sixty years, so there is no better book to start with if you’re a baking newbie.


Next up is America’s favorite (and at the very least, most well-known) baker: the Cake Boss. Although Buddy Valastro is known for his cakes, Baking with the Cake Boss offers a myriad of sweet treats to bake. If you’re new to the cake-baking scene or if you’re a bonafide dessert-creator, you will enjoy this book. Some notable items by at-home chefs across the world include the cream puff parfait and the rum babas. And let me tell you, those rum babas sound like a great time—before, during, and after!


Who doesn’t love a chef with more than one talent? The singer Patti LaBelle brings her soulful roots to a cookbook to create Desserts LaBelle, and just the name of the book draws us in! While this book covers classic desserts from all over, her specialty is apparently a sweet potato pie that a 2015 YouTube channel reviewed, causing this book to completely sell out! And no one does soulful cooking better than someone whose whole identity is full of soul!


Our next suggested cookbook comes out just before the holidays this year. Unfortunately, this means you’re going to have to wait a bit before getting your hands on Celebrate with Kim-Joy, but we can pretty much guarantee that the wait will be worth it! If you haven’t heard of Kim-Joy, she is a Belgian-British baker who was a finalist on The Great British Bake Off where she captivated the audience with her unique style and adorable personality. This book in particular covers desserts for every holiday imaginable, so if you want to pretend that it’s Valentine’s Day in the middle of July, Kim-Joy encourages you to go for it!


Last, but not least, is a cookbook by everyone’s favorite barefoot contessa. Although Ina Garten has a ton of cookbooks out there, what makes Cooking for Jeffrey special is that these recipes are written with those Garten loves in mind. This means that every food item you learn to cook from this book was carefully crafted with the eater in mind. A dessert favorite from this book is the apple pie bars. Sounds perfect for the upcoming fall holidays!

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