Marie Lu’s Dystopian ‘Legend’ is Becoming an EP Series

If you read the dystopian fantasy ‘Legend’ series by Marie Lu, just know that an EP Series adaptation has been announced and in the works with exec producer Lindsay Sturman

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According to Deadline, Maire Lu, the author of the Legend book series, announced that Legend is going to get an EP series. Seoul and Los Angeles-based Bound Entertainment will be assisting in the adaptation with the help of Lindsay Sturman.

Legend was originally published in 2011.


It’s set in a futuristic world that used to be the Western U.S. and is now home to the Republic, a nation at war. Fifteen-year-old Day lives on the streets as a wanted criminal, but his motives may not be as malicious as it seems. Fifteen-year-old June is a prodigy being groomed for the Republic’s military. What happens when these two teens cross paths or when Day becomes the prime suspect?

Lu will be developing the series. She is writing the pilot with Lindsay Sturman (Super Girl, Teen Wolf) who is the executive producer. Other executive producers who will be working on this project are Samuel Yeunju Ha and Jamie Lai.

According to Deadline, Marie Lu said,


“From the moment I first spoke to Lindsay and to Samuel and Jamie at Bound Entertainment, I knew Legend was going to be in good hands. I’m deeply honored to be working with a team that not only understands the core of the Legend world, but have brought me into the process of its adaptation. I can’t wait to show everyone what we’re making.”

Marie Lu, Deadline

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