Michaela Coel Is Writing For The Misfits

Film and TV juggernaut Michaela Coel is set to release her memoir, ‘Misfits: A Personal Manifesto’ on September 7, because why not?

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Michaela Coel can’t stop winning. On top of releasing her Emmy-nominated series, I May Destroy You, on HBO and scoring a role in Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, she’s releasing her memoir in September, because why not?



Fans of the Chewing Gum star can grab Misfits: A Personal Manifesto on September 7. The genre-defining mix of memoir and essay wittily recounts moments of growth in the creator’s life as she learned to embrace her differences, finding a unique power in them instead.




Expanding upon the attention-commanding MacTaggart Lecture she delivered at the Edinburgh International Television Festival in 2018 tackling the impact of race, class, and gender on her own life, Misfits hopes to encourage others to find their own voices in a world that might not want them to do the same.



“Building on her celebrated speech, Misfits immerses readers in her vision through powerful allegory and deeply personal anecdotes—from her coming of age in London public housing to her discovery of theater and her love for storytelling,” writes the Henry and Holt Company about the memoir on their website. “And she tells of her reckoning with trauma and metamorphosis into a champion for herself, inclusivity, and radical honesty.”

Coel’s world domination is already in motion, so you might as well take whatever peek she gives into her brilliantly creative mind.


featured images via Henry and Holt Company, Vulture