National Short Story Day: Five Books On Crafting Short Stories

Today is National Short Story Day! If you are having trouble with writing short stories, here are five books to help you get started.

Book Culture On This Day On Writing Recommendations

To commemorate National Short Story Day, here are five books that help you craft your short stories. Hopefully these authors provide insight for all you writers out there.

How to Write Short by Roy Peter Clark


The desire to learn the art of painting a thousand images in just a few words. This has become an essential skill in writing. Learn how to create effective titles, headlines, essays, tweets, and letters. There are examples to accompany the types of writing. Many of these examples are of the Western culture of writing. Enjoy learning how to write stories and to capture prose in 140 characters or less.

First You Write a Sentence by Joe Moran


Sentences are common when a writer begins walking into their writing. It’s where we start to perfect our sentences and create a true piece, using minimal technical terms. Here, ordinary words can be extraordinary; learn skills such as constructing a paragraph, finding the ideal word, and learning how to notice the world through a different lens.

Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine


This book can help you craft terrific ideas for stories. Learn how to invent beginnings and ending. Learn how to craft dialogue. Advice will be given on how to do it when stuck. This book will provide helpful criticism and offer writing exercises. With some humor and wisdom in each lesson, short stories can be crafted beautifully.

Writing Flash Fiction: How to Write Very Short Stories and Get Them Published by Carly Berg


This book tells you everything you need to know to write a thousand-word piece. Flash and prose writing and short stories can be part of this genre. This book provides information and how and where you can publish your works. And there are tips on how to republish your short stories into a book.

Creative Writing for Beginners: How to Write a Short Story by Melissa Saunders


This book has eight lessons to read that contain advice, tasks, and short examples on how to write short stories.

These five books can be a huge help for first-time writers who want to write a short story.

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