Need Horrifying Comics? Try Horror Webtoon ‘Sweet Home’

Try this horrifying Webtoon ‘Sweet Home’ where apartment residents must face these monsters that are trying to destroy the human race

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Sweet Home is a horrific Webtoon comic that will make you squirm yet feel thrilled at the same time. The writer Carnby Kim and artist Youngchan Huang have created a thrilling, twisted journey about apartment residents facing horrors in their homes. Warning: this Webtoon has some gore images and discussions of self harm; please be aware this is part of the main character’s arc. Here is a glimpse of Sweet Home and see if you can handle the terror!

Sweet Home Plot


Hyun Cha has always been socially awkward and a recluse. After his family dies in a car crash, he is forced to leave his home. He now stays in his room at the Green Roof Apartment complex. The loss of his family and his overwhelming attitude towards himself has him debating on taking his own life. However, when strange, scary monsters burst throughout the apartment complex, Hyun Cha and the rest of the residents must try and survive and face the destruction of humanity.

Here are the five characters that make up this horrific story!

Hyun Cha


Hyun cha is the main character of Sweet Home. He has endured the loss of his family and being a social outcast. When life seems bleak and meaningless, he suffers with depression. Suddenly his world is turned upside down when the monsters start invading Green Roof Apartments. He learns more about himself in this dire situation than anyone else. He becomes brave, reckless, and scary as he tries to take down these mysterious creatures, which are more than just monsters.

Jisu Yoon


Jisu is a survivor at the Green Roof Apartments. She has a guitar and knows how to play. She is the voice of reason throughout the series. She is sort of the opposite of Hyun; she appreciates life and is very strong willed. They do create a friendship throughout this series and you can see the strength and resilience she shows with her character development.

Hyuk Lee


Hyuk Lee is a natural born leader. He’s intelligent and level headed when the monsters start appearing in the apartments. He plans most missions to gather supplies and survive. Although he is blunt and comes off as rude, he always comes up with the logical course of action for everyone to survive. Even when surprises regarding Hyun Cha are revealed, he sees it as an opportunity to push his agenda. He has a little sister and always tries to keep the odds in his favor.

Wook Pyeon


He is a former police detective and resident of the Green Roof Apartments. He is the aggressive muscle that puts himself on the line for others. Although he is reckless, he has a strong sense of justice and great fighting skills. He has helped Jisu and Hyun Cha at times on missions and surviving. He helps Hyuk Lee with collaborating strategies to help the rest of the remaining residents survive.

Myeong-Ja Lim


A very kind middle aged woman, she has always cared for children and is very sweet. She has been traumatized by her infant child’s death. Haunted by the memory, she talks in present tense as if her child is alive. She usually pushes around a stroller, saying her child is inside. During the apocalyptic situation, she takes care of some of the resident’s children.

The Sweet Home Webtoon has been completed. Netflix has released Sweet Home as a tv series in 2020. There has been news that a second season will be made.


Go read the original Webtoon comic before giving the Netflix show a try.

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