Netflix And The Dahl Projects: More Wonka Adaptations?

Roald Dahl makes fascinating stories. Netflix has announced its acquisition of the rights of his works and here we tell you what’s in store for all his readers

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Netflix and Roald Dahl

Netflix has been very busy with making content and story decisions and as a literature fanatic, I am in complete agreement and in love with all their announcements. While one announcement is the writing tie-up with Dan Levy, the other is adaptations of multiple Roald Dahl books. Dan levy will now work with the streaming platform to create more exciting and fun stories for series and movies. How can I not be excited about this collaboration when Schitts’ Creek continues to be my comfort world?

The latter announcement too is a big and fascinating step for the OTT service as Roald Dahl is such a writer whose work will always be cherished and enjoyed. His books are a favorite not only amongst the children but also by the readers for who the books bring childhood nostalgia.

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The Netflix Plans

One of the many famous stories penned by him is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Though set in the dreamworld of many, this book is not limited to rainbows and candies and gold-wrapped chocolate bars as its plot revolves around the eccentric Willy Wonka. The very uniqueness and thrill of the story have led to the book being adapted before the latest announcement. Many of us have watched Johnny Depp flounce about as Mr. Wonka and a few remember Gene Wilder to be the first rendition of this iconic character.

Netflix has recently acquired the rights of the works by Dahl and without disclosing any financial terms, also mentioned the complete acquisition of Roald Dahl Story Co. This gives them the option to not only adapt Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but also all other stories like Matilda, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and countless other works.

For now, the adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has made the news twice. One where the internet took up the debate on the casting of Willy Wonka and which actor would follow the big footsteps of Wilder and Depp, with Timothee Chalamet being a crowd favorite. The second time is the announcement of the director for the animated tv series adaptation of the series that the Academy Award winner, Taika Waititi would direct.

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Discussion about making a musical on Mathilda is also ongoing between Netflix and Sony and all this talk of Roald Dahl has just heightened my craving for a re-read of James and the Giant Peach. So on this note, make the wise and popular choice and get to rereading the Dahl classics.