Netflix: ‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Is Coming?

Were you just as crazy about the Netflix worldwide hit, ‘Squid Game,’ like everyone else? A season 2 might be coming sooner than planned.

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Squid Game

Were you just as crazy about the Netflix worldwide hit, ‘Squid Game,’ like everyone else? Did you fall in love with dalgona candy and hear the eerie (but slightly catchy) red light green light song everywhere on social media? Fans everywhere are probably anxiously curious if the writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk will be interested in continuing a season 2 of the South Korean Netflix limited series. The Netflix phenomenon Squid Game took the world by a storm and is on track to becoming Netflix’s biggest show of all time, dominating both domestically and abroad. We Got This Covered reports that due to the incredible domestic and international response, Hwang is interested in following up with a season 2 that focuses on the “issue with police officers.”


Hwang’s Squid Game is an innovative take on the dystopic competition to the death genre (similar to Battle Royale) that strategically recruits the most destitute and disadvantaged of society to play schoolyard games to win a life-altering cash prize at the end. As consistent with the macabre genre, the losers die. Despite saying in past interviews that he was not interested in continuing the series, Hwang has changed his mind and is excited to explore more of what Squid Game can offer.

If given the green light by Netflix, Hwang says that season 2 will focus on the frontman and his brother, a police officer. The brother will attempt a rescue while discovering that this own brother is one of the superior administrators of the corrupt game. According to Hwang, if given the go for season 2 by Netflix, he would want a larger crew to help with producing Squid Game.

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