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Surprise a booklover in your life with a hot new release this holiday season. Check out our recommendations in this week’s Three to Read!

Historical Fiction Poetry & Drama Recommendations Three To Read

Welcome back to another Three to Read. This week, we’re highlighting the best new releases for this holiday season. Make sure these picks are on your wishlist or pick up one of these reads for a loved one! This week, we have a romance novel turned self-reflection, a vaudeville historical fiction, and a moving poetry collection. Don’t miss these great releases from Jodi Picoult, Elizabeth Weiss, and Amanda Gorman.

Hot Pick

Wish You Were Here

by Jodi Picoult


Diana O’Toole is perfectly on track. She will be married by thirty, done having kids by thirty-five, and move out to the New York City suburbs, all while climbing the professional ladder in the cutthroat art auction world. She’s not engaged just yet, but she knows her boyfriend Finn, a surgical resident, is about to propose – days before her thirtieth birthday. Right on time.

But now she is stranded, alone on what was planned to be a romantic idyll with Finn. Unfortunately, Finn is trapped thousands of miles away, and Diana is on one of the world’s most beautiful islands with no food, no luggage, and no place to stay, forced to test her personal limits to survive.


#1 New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult is back with another moving novel. If you’re looking for a novel that resonates with the feelings of isolation and loss we’ve all wrestled with over the past two years, Wish You Were Here is the pick for you. Emerging from the growing genre of pandemic literature, this breathtaking new release is sure to make big waves.

Coffee Shop

The Sisters Sweet

by Elizabeth Weiss


All Harriet Szász has ever known is life on stage with her sister, Josie. As “The Sisters Sweet,” they pose as conjoined twins in a vaudeville act conceived of by their ambitious parents, who were once themselves theatrical stars. But after Josie exposes the family’s fraud and runs away to Hollywood, Harriet must learn to live out of the spotlight—and her sister’s shadow. As Josie’s star rises in California, the Szászes fall on hard times. Striving to keep her struggling family afloat, Harriet molds herself into the perfect daughter. She also tentatively forms her first relationships outside her family and begins to imagine a life for herself beyond the role of dutiful daughter that she has played for so long. Finally, Harriet must decide whether to honor her mother, her father, or the self she’s only beginning to get to know.


This new release is perfect for lovers of historical fiction. The novel’s rich, historical narrative draws readers in with compelling and relatable characters interacting within a complex family dynamic. If you enjoy 1920’s lit be sure to check out this spellbinding new novel!

Dark Horse

Call Us What We Carry

by Amanda Gorman


Formerly titled The Hill We Climb and Other Poems, the luminous poetry collection by #1 New York Times bestselling author and presidential inaugural poet Amanda Gorman captures a shipwrecked moment in time and transforms it into a lyric of hope and healing. In Call Us What We Carry, Gorman explores history, language, identity, and erasure through an imaginative and intimate collage. Harnessing the collective grief of a global pandemic, these poems shine a light on a moment of reckoning and reveal that Gorman has become our messenger from the past, our voice for the future.


If you or anyone you know enjoys a good poem, Call Us What We Carry is the perfect gift for the 2021 holiday season. Amanda Gorman boldly addresses the struggles we’ve faced as a nation and as a planet in her groundbreaking first collection of poetry. This new release includes the deeply moving poem “The Hill We Climb,” which was read at President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January 2021.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Three to Read! Be sure to check out these titles for the booklovers in your life this holiday season.

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