‘Odd Girl Out’ A Webtoon On High School Friendship

‘Odd Girl Out’ is about four girls with complicated pasts that form a beautiful friendship throughout high school. They face several challenges that shape them into secure women who have each other for support. Go read this heartfelt Webtoon on friendship.

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Odd Girl Out is a Webtoon about four friends that create a strong friendship throughout their high school life. Each girl has a complex dark past that shapes them into the women they are now. As they learn about themselves and enjoy their high school life, there are challenges ahead of them. But rumors, secrets, past mistakes don’t stop these girls; it makes their friendship stronger. Odd Girl Out was created by Morangji and updates every Tuesday.

Odd Girl Out Plot


After a successful makeover transformation, Nari is ready for high school. Even though she changed her image and lost some weight, she feels intimidated when she becomes friends with the three prettiest girls in school. But beauty is on the surface as she learns about true beauty, friendship, and dark pasts from each of these gorgeous girls. Will Nari feel like she belong in their friendship circle?

Odd Girl Out Characters

Nari Oh


Nari has been insecure about her appearance since middle school. She decides to change her appearance and start fresh in high school. When she suddenly reunites with Yana, the most beautiful girl from her childhood, she learns about their past misunderstanding. She becomes confident and fights for others. When meeting the three popular beauties of the school she learns about who they are and grows as a person. Looks aren’t important, it’s who you are on the inside. So she grows and has a friendly personality when advocating for all her classmates. She is now class president of her class and has made male friends while facing challenges with new friendships.

Yana Lim


Yana is the most popular girl at school because of her beauty and status. She often comes off as rude and cold hearted. However, in middle school she cared deeply for Nari who saw her as a person and not a chance at popularity. Despite their misunderstanding in middle school, Yana learns that Nari has changed and has new friends. Even though Yana is distant with the other beauties of the school, she learns to care for them as well. She soon moves abroad but keeps in touch with Nari.

Mirae Seo


Mirae is the tough one in the group, she has a temper and will quickly go to her friends’ defense. She has an outgoing personality but has low self esteem. She has taken anti-depressants due to her past childhood of being on television. She now does cartoon art and is very athletic. She has grown to be sensitive and explore her artistic talents.

Seonji Lim


Seonji is sweet and selfless. She is a bit naïve and not the brightest individual in the group. But she wears her heart on her sleeve and cares for all her friends. Growing up with a neglectful father and a mom who left, her past was heavy. Classmates judged her unclean appearance. But now she lives with her grandmother and has gained weight and a nice complexion. Seonji is gullible, loves cute things, and works at Tortoise Bakery.



Seungha is a transfer student. He is very handsome and has become the class president of his own classroom. Seungha and Nari start off as enemies, then frenemies. Even though they bicker and compete to be the great class presidents, they soon become friends. He is strong willed, a leader, and kind. He has a soft spot for Nari and shows romantic interest.



Chanyang isn’t the type to say much. He is very quiet in class and sits next to Nari. He usually falls asleep and uses her favorite crocodile pillow. He’s intelligent and keeps to himself most of the time. he has multiple part time jobs. He grew up in a religious household, yet he doesn’t believe in God. This causes his sisters and mother to verbally abuse him and give him hardship. But he keeps his mouth shut and just plans his own future. He has romantic interest in Nari due to her kind nature and honesty.

Odd Girl Out has it’s own Korean Drama that has been released in 2020. It only twelve episodes and with a second season on the way. Go watch the four girls’ friendship blossom in The World of My 17


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