‘Of Swamp & Sea’: A New Supernatural Adventure Webtoon

Go read ‘Of Swamp & Sea’, the latest supernatural and adventure comic on Webtoon.

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Of Swamp & Sea is the newest supernatural/adventure Webtoon. With only ten episodes released, Jay and Laurel Boulton are the creators behind this brand new release. If you’re wondering more about what this Webtoon is about, let’s take a dive into the plot and characters.

Of Swamp & Sea Plot


Enter a paranormal world of dangerous dark magic and many perils. Two strangers come together when a monster hunt goes wrong. Soon their relationship isn’t just professional. With secrets to uncover, they journey through the swamps and seas to find a solution to their latest dilemma.

These are the two main characters of the series!

Mercy Harding


Mercy puts an ad out to find a monster hunter because her father was killed by a beast in the swamp where they live. She wants closure for her father’s death and revenge. However, when the beast becomes one with her body, she has another issue altogether. Mercy is a kind person who is strong willed, but she doesn’t enjoy confrontation. Mercy had a close relationship with her dad, which will be revealed as the Webtoon progresses. She joins the monster hunter on his promise to help her with her monster problem.



Jonah is a mysterious monster hunter but there isn’t much to say about him yet. He dabbles in magic and has fighting skills. He is a very conservative person and seems like an honorable man. He tries to help Mercy capture the monster that killed her father, but it all goes wrong. Now that the beast is inside her, he promises to help her take it out. His appearance alone is handsome and brooding. He has an eyepatch which leads to more questions of his past. Based on his interactions with Mercy, they seem to get along as business partners, and he genuinely wants to help her.

Check out more episodes of Of Swamp & Sea every Wednesday.


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