Outer Banks Prequel Novel This November

Outer Banks season 2 left fans on a cliffhanger, luckily this November there will be a prequel novel released this November to hold off fans until season 3!

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At the end of this past summer season 2 of Outer Banks was finally released. While the ending left fans eager for more, they are all searching for something to hold them over. Thankfully fans can still immerse themselves in the summertime, vibey universe thanks to a brand new novel. This Netflix series is receiving a prequel in the form of a book. Read ahead to find out what we know regarding Outer Banks: Lights Out.

Outer Banks: Lights Out by Alyssa Sheinmel is set to release on 23 Nov. It is currently available for preorder. The prequel follows the stories of John B and JJ before the events of season 1. It takes place in the Outer Banks during spring break when their wealthy rivals, the Kooks, come back to town. John B and JJ plan to take part on a fishing trip to Frying Pan Shoals, A.K.A. the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Action-packed, and we also get to explore JJ’s potential love interest.


On their voyage, the Pogues meet a Kook named Savannah who ends up joining their team after her boyfriend leaves her stranded after an intense storm. Eventually, the storm transforms into a hurricane and they find themselves out in an abandoned hotel on the shoals’ lighthouse platform. There are tons of typical OBX twists and full of suspense. This will sure to hold over the fans until season 3 is given the green light.

Entertainment Weekly published an excerpt from the upcoming novel, and it is just as intense as its show.

Until the coming of season 3 of the Outer Banks, take advantage of the time and purchase Lights Out and immerse yourself in to the universe before the Pogues were officially “the Pogues.”

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