Penguin Random House Offers Relief To Indie Bookstores

Penguin Random House puts plans in motion to ensure books are delivered to independent bookstores as a response to short supply chains.

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Front photo of independent bookstore.

Penguin Random House has a plan to address the predicted complications caused by short supply chains for the upcoming holiday season. Its solution is to help independent bookstores by ensuring that the books ordered by independent bookstores get to their shelves in time without too much of a delay.

According to Publishers Weekly, Penguin Random House will offer two-day shipping for independent bookstores beginning on October 1 and running all the way through to March 1, 2022. Additionally, Penguin Random House will be suspending the minimum-retail-value requirement for orders placed by independent booksellers and independent bookstores. Jaci Updike, president of US sales of Penguin Random House, states that “[t]he elimination of minimums will help booksellers become even more responsive to what their customers are looking for. We want to make it as easy as possible for booksellers to build reorders.”

In backing up and making it easier for independent booksellers and stores, they will be in a better position to act and find a solution to the complications caused by short supply chains this holiday season. Short supply chains have been a pandemic and COVID-19 specific issue. Due to job shortages, lumber shortages, and an overall freight issue, specific titles that have been in demand could possibly become unavailable. However, Penguin Random House’s new plans to back independent bookstores and booksellers will be a starting solution to the short supply chain issues that have plagued the publishing industry for the past year and a half.

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