Positive Thinking Day: Five Positive Reads I Recommend

Five positive reads that will change your mindset! These books will help you reflect and reassess your attitude towards yourself.

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Today is positive thinking day! This past year has been an overwhelming rollercoaster of negative mindsets, so it’s time to start fresh. Here are five recommendations to read for positive thinking.

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero


Jen Sincero created this self help book for those who want to improve their lives. Hilarious stories that engage readers and make you feel seen. She compiles advice, stories, and exercises to try. Sincero’s goal is to help change self-sabotaging habits and mindset into an uplifting one. You are a Badass will help readers find a sense of who they are and how to love themselves.

Rewire Your Brain by Jacob King


This feeling of being at the mercy of your emotions… If you feel no control over them, as if they are rooted inside you, it may be time to read this book. Jacob King’s guide will list affirmation and inspiration. He will teach you how to master your mindset. This leads towards success, self love, and positivity. Rewire Your Brain is where bad habits change into positive action.

Read This for Inspiration by Ashly Perez


This book is something you can glance at for some spur of the moment advice, and you don’t even need to read it all the way through for some great tips. The short entries are straight forward and color coded by category. It has many small pieces of encouragement and advice stemming from growth, motivation, and several other categories. Perez’s goal is that you find these pieces inspirational and helpful when needed.

I Am Grapeful by Dillon and Kale Sprouts


The silly pun in the title caught my attention! The goal of I Am Grapeful is to provide laughter. A little laughter can make someone’s day, and with several food puns at your fingertips, something good is sure to come your way. A small smile can be the boost you need, and the Sprouts will surely be able to achieve that slight tickle in your funny bone.

Here for It by R. Eric Thomas


This memoir is all about learning how to find your place. Thomas’s self reflection is relatable and hilarious. These collections of essays discuss his life and the experiences of being different. In high school, college, and where he grew up; he was different. Thomas showcases how to find meaning in life. When negative and positive come together, it can create beauty.

Whenever you feel in a slump, check out these five books for positive inspiration!