Rick Riordan’s Latest Novel ‘Daughter of the Deep’ is Coming to Disney Plus

Before the release of Rick Riordan’s latest book ‘Daughter of the Deep,’ Riordan confirmed on Twitter it’s getting a movie adaptation on Disney Plus!

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A few short weeks before the release of Rick Riordan’s latest book Daughter of the Deep, Riordan confirmed on Twitter that said book is getting a movie adaptation on Disney Plus!


Earlier this year, Rick Riordan also confirmed that his Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles series are getting adaptations for Disney Plus. These book series are extremely popular with children, teens and young adults; the new adaptations promise to be much more accurate to original book series than the disastrous 20th Century Fox movie adaptations that angered fans with their inaccurate depictions of the characters and even the storylines! Why in the wide world did Riptide become the “cursed blade” instead of Annabeth’s knife, and why, also in the wide world, did Kronos rise in The Sea of Monsters?

Fans are a lot more keen for the upcoming Disney Plus series that promises to be much more accurate to the novel series. While said series and even Riordan’s book, Daughter of the Deep, is yet to be released, fans are definitely keen for the release of all of Riordan’s works in both book and movie form. Although Daughter of the Deep is getting an executive order for a movie before the book even comes out, I hope that the movie adaptation is accurate to the book! People should learn from the mistakes of the past!


Rick Riordan is one of the most famous authors of the 21st century. He has so many book series, spinoffs and connected works that if his series were to make a hit as movies, there could be a Riordan-verse!

Daughter of the Deep pays homage to Jules Verne with its modern interpretation on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Riordan’s book tells the story Ana Dakkar, a freshman at Harding-Pencroft Academy, a five-year high school that graduates the best marine scientists, naval warriors, navigators, and underwater explorers in the world. Ana and her schoolmates “witness a terrible tragedy that will change the trajectory of their lives“.

While Daughter of the Deep has yet to come out, I am excited to read it. The vast majority of Riordan’s books are set within the same universe, excluding The Maze of Bones, which is the first novel in the 39 Clues series. I am excited to see what he would do with new characters in a new world, especially since most of his characters are very similar/ share similar attributes/characteristics. I hope Daughter of the Deep has new characters with unique and different personalities!

Riordan himself has called himself out for making his characters the same. In The Crown of Ptolemy, he described Sadie as being the perfect mixture of Percy and Annabeth, even saying that if they were to have a daughter, she would be exactly like Sadie, seeing as Sadie physically resembles Annabeth, but acts like Percy, with a similar personality to his. While this could be taken as possible foreshadowing for Rick Riordan to eventually write a series about Percy and Annabeth’s children, it could also be taken as him not having as many ideas to differentiate his characters anymore.


At any rate, it’s amazing that Rick Riordan is branching out! As someone who grew up reading Rick Riordan’s works, I am extremely thrilled to read his upcoming books whether or not they are set in the Percy Jackson universe. Anyone who is a fan of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea should check out Daughter of the Deep and be prepared for more upcoming and exciting Disney Plus series!