Schitt’s Creek: Levy’s Masterpiece Is Now A Book

Schitt’s Creek is a show that has done wonders from the wine to Moira’s wigs! Dan Levy has published a coffee table book about the show and I can’t more excited

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There is a pain one experiences when the news of a beloved, perfect, and a detailed book is being adapted. You just know that there will be parts where no justice is done for the beauty of the book. Yet sometimes the adaptations manage to shock you; in a good way (Gerwig’s Little Women!). So, when I hear of movies/series being adapted to a book, there are always mixed emotions. Is it possible for an amazing series to later have an equally amazing book? Turns out the Levy family believes as they published a book of their masterpiece, Schitt’s Creek!

Behind the Scene, books aren’t unusual. Many large-scale movies compile details and events to publish their own behind the scene books that give a glimpse of the production to the fans. Schitt’s Creek may not have been large scale when it first aired back in 2015, but by the time the last episode aired in 2020, it had become one of the top shows ever. It won 9 Emmy for its last season and 7 Primetime awards. Its success wasn’t a shock to the viewers as the series was a well-thought-out story of a once-rich family making their way in a small town they had bought as a joke. Dan Levy had a very clear picture in mind for the show and knew that even with the gain in viewers, he couldn’t prolong the story more than his original plan.

Schitt's Creek
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The Schitt’s Creek Book

To quench the thirst of his fans, he released an hour-long episode of the making of their last episode and had also announced a tour in 2020. Because of the pandemic, the tour kept delayed and soon got canceled completely. For this reason, Eugene and Dan started working on their book about the show.

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt’s Creek is just over 300 pages and it covers character profiles, fashion; detailed account of every outfit worn by Moira Rose (Catharine O’Hara), and a breaking down of the scripts. It is said to be as thought out as the original story for the tv show (Dan Levy has said he thought about each character and even considered each character’s childhood). The book covers major standout events of the show such as the first kiss shared by Patrick and David to the idea behind the iconic catchphrase “Ew, David.” Shockingly, this phrase was said only thrice by Alexis throughout the show.

Reviews have made the rounds for this coffee-table book and many say that the magic of the show is intact in the book. For all the Creek fans who still laugh while folding in the cheese, the book releases 2nd November, this Tuesday!