‘Snow White’ Disney Movie Teaches Girls Inner Beauty

Disney’s first animated princess movie, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, can teach girls that inner beauty is what’s important and not appearances or a prince.

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Today marks the day that the first Disney animated princess movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, premiered in theaters in 1937. This film has had its fair share of commentary and controversy due to its message about women, young girls, princesses, and beauty standards. I am here to tell you that yes, there will be negativity clouding Snow White, however, if we were to bring a positive spin on this classic movie, it taught girls that inner beauty is the most important.

Snow White was a huge success during it’s premiere in Hollywood of December 21st, 1973. It grossed $8 million during the Great Depression. Walt Disney won an honorory Academy Award and some of the musical geniuses behind the songs were nominated for an Oscar.

The Queen’s Obsession


Beauty seems to be the evil queen’s goal. She wants to be the fairest and beautiful of all in the kingdom. However, the magic mirror says Snow White is the most beautiful. The Queen immediately gets envious, thinking it has to do solely with looks. However, we all can agree that if someone is evil, mean, distasteful, and acts arrogant, that those are unattractive qualities to have in your personality. No wonder she isn’t the most beautiful, her insides is evil to the core.

Snow White’s Personality


When fleeing her wicked stepmother she befriends all the forest creatures. You can tell she is a good-spirited young girl. She is young and a bit naive, but despite all the negativity and neglect she received from her stepmother, she is doing the complete opposite of what her stepmother is doing. She is seeing the beauty in everything and is getting along with everyone. When she meets the dwarfs, at first they were startled but slowly welcomed her into their home and she was happy to help them.

Snow White Doesn’t Judge on Appearances


In addition to Snow White not judging the dwarves due to their height, rugged appearances, or personalities, Snow White made a judgment call (sadly the wrong one) based on the witch’s appearance. Yes, the old woman was a stranger hence Snow White’s nervousness. However, Snow White being kind and good-natured didn’t judge the old woman for her supposedly dreadful appearance. She bit the apple she was offered which put her in a deep sleep. Snow White needs to learn to judge ‘character’ and body language. Someone may appear dangerous or scary, but they can be insecure or terribly shy. However, when body language, words, characteristics, and behavior come into play, it’s up to us to sniff out those with ill intentions.

So one takeaway we can learn from this classic Disney movie, for all girls and boys, is that inner beauty is the most important part of a person. It doesn’t matter what they look like, if you really connect with someone and it becomes friendship, relationship, family, and more, it’s based on their personality and who they are on the inside.


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