Socializing 101: A Webtoon About Social Skills

Have you ever felt socially awkward before? Webtoon ‘Socializing 101’ is about two college students who are polar opposite yet share bad social skills. They must work together to help each other out in social situations. Will is spark into a romance?

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Webtoon Socializing 101 is a romance about two polar opposites who share the struggle of social skills. Creator Relseiy does random updates, but the art style is beautiful and the message about communication, loving yourself, and learning social cues is relatable to high schoolers and college students who have trouble meeting people and making friends.

Socializing 101: The Plot


A romance drama about a socially awkward guy, Mihai. He’s always appeared to be intimidating but he lacks social skills since he was young. He grew up preferring a small network of friends. his social circle consists of his grandmother, his two friends Zoe and Hanazaki, and his cat, Muffins. He was used to not meeting anyone new, until going to university where one of his friends has a new roommate and she’s the complete opposite. As they get to know each other they realize they aren’t what they expected. Their lack of social skills and vulnerable pasts help them learn about each other and to help them in any social situation. They both want to become better at socializing, but can they?

Socializing 101 Main Characters of the Webtoon



A socially awkward college student. he has a sister and mom; there is some tension there, but it’s not explained yet. His best friends are Zoe, who’s his neighbor, and Hanazaki, the laid-back one in the group. Not many people approach him because he’s very tall and intimidating-looking. Meanwhile, the truth is he’s very shy. He doesn’t know how to make new friends or read any social situation. So he avoids them altogether because they make him anxious. Meeting Adilene was a challenge because she seems outspoken and very friendly. Even when they got off on the wrong foot it was strange. Yet for the first time in a very long time, he is somehow making a new friend and he wants to learn more.



Adilene seems very social on the outside, but deep down she can’t seem to form any true connections. She hasn’t been truly herself in a long time. With neglectful parents and falling into the wrong crowd of people and relationships, she just wants a fresh start. But it’s hard to communicate, and she gets socially tongue-tied in her bluntness and confrontation. Yet, despite all her insecurities, Mihai seems to be patient enough to try and understand her and help her when she’s struggling. Going to the same university together and having their pets play with each other are ways they spend time together. When she’s not at her apartment with her roommate Zoe, she’s playing with her dog Teacup. Her past makes it difficult to seek out true friendship, but maybe Mihai and his friends are what she’s looking for.

Having difficulty being social and meeting new people is okay. Sometimes we can make unexpected friendships without there being a guide. Socializing 101 makes readers feel less alone with their awkwardness. No matter how outgoing you are or not, people struggle with social anxiety or being social.

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