‘Spider-Man’ Star Jacob Batalon Tapped For ‘Fat Vampire’ Adaptation

‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ star Jacob Batalon is set to star in ‘Reginald the Vampire,’ an adaptation of Johnny B. Truant’s ‘Fat Vampire’ book series.

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Jacob Batalon, whose major breakout role was in Spider-Man: Homecoming, is set to star in his first television series entitled Reginald the Vampire. In Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home, Batalon played Peter Parker’s lovable, loyal, but dorky best friend Ned Leeds.



According to The Hollywood Reporter, Batalon is cast in the upcoming television series Reginald the Vampire. This show is based on Johnny B. Truant’s Fat Vampire book series. Ten episodes of this “straight-to-series” show are ordered to air on SYFY.

The series is centered around Reginald Baskin (Batalon), “an unlikely hero,” who finds himself in the midst of a world full of vampires––”beautiful, fit, and vain” vampires. Baskin must overcome multiple challenges, including loving a girl he can’t be with, his bullying manager from work, and the “vampire chieftain” who wants Baskin dead. Luckily for Baskin, he eventually learns that he possesses some special powers of his own.




According to SYFY, Reginald the Vampire is characterized as “a new show with a lot of heart and just enough blood [that] proves the undead life is just as complicated as life itself.”

Harley Peyton will write the script and serve as both a showrunner and executive producer for Reginald the Vampire. Jeremiah Chechik will be an executive producer and director. Todd Berger and Lindsay Macadam will also executive produce. Julie DiCresce is onboard as a co-executive producer.




Truant’s Fat Vampire series was first published in 2012, writes The Hollywood Reporter. The six books in this hexalogy are: Tastes Like Chicken, All You Can Eat, Harder Better Fatter Stronger, Fatpocalypse and Survival of the Fattest. The three-book offshoot of the original series is called The Vampire Maurice.

Reginald the Vampire does not have a premiere date as of now.

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