Stacy Lellos: From President at Klutz to Workman Publishing

In the publishing world, Stacy Lellos has been named Publisher of Workman’s Children’s books at Workman Publishing and will be starting this month.

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Many of you lovely readers, like me, have a great love and joy for books. I have loved books and reading since I was a little girl. As someone with a dream to one day work at a publishing company, it is inspiring to see hardworking, Stacy Lellos be joining Workman Publishing as the publisher of Workman’s Children’s books. Workman Publishing is a company full of passionate people who publish all types of books such as cookbooks, parenting and pregnancy guides, gardening, country living, humor, children’s books, gift books, and fiction. Lellos will be starting October 18 and will be bringing her years of experience with her.

Lellos has a rich history rooted in children’s publishing and toys. She began her career in marketing at Simon & Schuster before eventually working in marketing and publishing at Scholastic. From there on Lellos was Toy R Us’ VP of brand marketing and then held the title of president at Klutz, which is a division of Scholastic. (Aquino).

Lellos has always found toys and play to be very important to how kids learn and grow. Through play, a child is able to learn new things and progress over time. Play doesn’t have to be perfect. It is important for every kid. In an article from The Toy Association, Lellos said, “At its best, it helps kids begin to grasp the importance of progress over perfection. It empowers them. It teaches them resilience.”


It is fitting that a woman such as Lellos will now be the publisher of Workman’s Children’s books. She knows from experience how important play is for children and how it makes their minds think. Following that, is her own experience within the marketing and publishing world. The link between the two and all her incredible experiences will definitely help her excel in her new job. In a statement on her new position, Lellos said, “Getting to work with this team is a dream job, and I’m honored to continue the rich Workman tradition of joyously bringing books to children that celebrate the curiosity and passion of all young readers.” (Aquino).

Just from learning all about Stacy Lellos, I am excited to see her impact on Workman Publishing and their children’s books. I believe books have the power to impact any child and I am always grateful there are so many books in the world. If you enjoyed this article and want to hear more about publishing feel free to read here and here.