Stephenie Meyer has Written Two Amazing YA Books

Stephenie Meyer is mostly known for her ‘Twilight Saga’, however let’s keep in mind about the two other renowned books ‘The Host’ series and ‘The Chemist’

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Stephenie Meyer is known for the Twilight Saga. For those of us who love or hate Twilight isn’t how we are going to honor her birthday. Today we are going to recommend two of her amazing YA books The Host and The Chemist. There is more to Stephenie Meyer other than her first series of Vampires and Wolves.

The Host


Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. earth has been taken over by a species that take over the minds of humans. Wanderer, the invading’soul’ who has been given Melanie’s body didn’t expect to her refusal of giving up her mind. As Melanie fills Wanderer’s visions of Jared, a human in hiding; Wanderer begins to yearn for Jared, a man they never met. Both alllies, reluctantly, Melanie and Wanderer set on a search for the man they love.

The Chemist


She used to work for the U.S. government. An expert in her field, she was a dark secret of an agency so secretive, it doesn’t even have a name. When they decided she was a liability they came without warning.

Now sh’es a drifter not staying in the same place or having the same name. Two of her trusted friends were killed. When her former handler gives her a wya out of this mess she soon realizes it’s the only way to make her less of a target. but the task at hand is far more dangerous than she thought.

Deciding to face it head on, she finds herself falling for a man who can complicate her surival. With choices scarce and trouble on every corner, she must use her unqieu skills to make it out alive.

I hope these books will be your first impressions of Stephenie Meyer.

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