Styles His Way Through Marvel: Introduction of Harry As Eros

Marvel is all about surprises and it turns out Phase 4 Eternals has a big one and they are all about the Styles. Eros is here!

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Marvel loves a good shocking post-credit scene and in Phase 4, a surprise cameo appearance seems to take the cake. With Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings post-credit ending with Mark Ruffalo and Brie Larson cameos, the latest addition to the Marvel family, Eternals also has many surprises packed in. Let me give you a clue, he sang Watermelon Sugar. Yes, it is HARRY STYLES.

Eternals has a stellar cast. Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington, Don Lee, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani and I can go on but you probably get the idea. It already has enough to get all the Marvel fans and the non-Marvel fans running into the theaters. So, when on the premiere night it was revealed that one other celebrity was kept hidden from all, fans were hooked.

Image Via Metro

On top of that, when it was announced that it was Harry Styles who will be in the post-credit scene, it is not a shock that the excitement for the movie has increased multi-fold. He will be playing the role of Eros, who is the brother of the supervillain, Thanos. Harry Styles in Marvel was already exciting enough. Harry as a superhero is ooooh goosebumps. The reveal wasn’t as an official decision as Variety’s film writer Matt Donnelly tweeted it.

Image Via Newsweek

If Harry, as a charismatic character, hasn’t piqued your interest already (How?!), I would further take the enjoyment to also inform you that Eros has the power to stimulate arousal from far distances amongst his many other powers and charms. I am sure you can understand why Marvel hired this icon. The comics lend enough information about Eros for that.

Response To The Big Marvel Reveal

Though the excitement has crossed bounds, fans have mixed responses to the reveal. Many are furious with the spoiler while others appreciate the information. This is the second time when Harry’s involvement with Marvel was leaked. Last year, around the same time Kris Tapley has tweeted a comment on how Don’t Worry, Darling was the second movie Harry has ventured into since his debut Dunkirk. Followed by the comment, his role in Marvel will be his first. Tapley soon deleted the tweet and the comment after. Marvel has its ways to tackle spoilers, cough Tom Holland cough.

Now, all that I can say is, take my money. I am all here for Eternals and Styles.

Featured Image Via Marvel