Thalia Grace And The Lessons She Has Taught Us

“Everybody has their own story; everybody has their own journey.” There are lots of lessons to learn from that of Thalia Grace in the Percy Jackson universe.

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Thalia Grace is the very definition of ‘I’m a strong independent woman and I don’t need no man’, literally! She is our favorite immortal badass and as character arcs go, even for the rollercoaster that is the Percy Jackson universe, Thalia’s story is pretty wild.

She’s been turned into a pine tree and then resurrected back only to then almost claim the Great Prophecy!? She’s dealt with a lot, too – her mum’s issues, losing Luke, losing Jason, and then finding him again in the Roman camp, and so much more. Despite all this, Thalia has stayed exceptionally brave, strong, and caring towards everyone around her.

Here are a few lessons we’ve learned from Thalia over the years:

1. Embrace your fears, they’ll catapult you to greater heights

Thalia can definitely be stubborn, prideful, and honestly quite bossy – but all of her flaws just make her so much more human to us all! It’s crazy that she is afraid of heights, being Zeus’ daughter, but there’s such a valuable lesson to be learned from this.

Thalia teaches us that you can live and grow and rise to the top despite having crippling fears that are a little too close to home, and it’s such a great analogy for dealing with our own fears that can sometimes paralyze us! It is true, embracing our fears will only push us to newer levels of success.

2. Know your morals, and stick to them

Sometimes, to do the right thing takes courage. Most times, it takes knowing oneself. Thalia taught us to know who we are, and what we would stand by. When she had to come face to face with Luke and fight him in The Titan’s Curse, she was absolutely devastated and she couldn’t bring herself to believe that he had betrayed her. She was hurt and mourning her relationship with her friend, but she fought against him in order to save everyone else. I can’t imagine this was easy for her, but she stayed strong and did the right thing!

3. Be fiercely passionate, it’ll give you the courage you’ll need

Thalia is extremely loyal and she loves everyone in her life with a fierce passion. This love makes her the bravest and strongest demigod you’ll ever know. She literally fought off the most frightening monsters from the Underworld to protect and save her friends, and she almost died doing it. Zeus saved her and transformed her into a pine tree because even the King of the Gods was impressed with her bravery!

Her urge to fight and protect and be a leader even led her to become the Lieutenant of the Hunters Artemis (of course she also did it to avoid the Great Prophecy).

All in all, Thalia is one of the coolest literary characters in the entire Percy Jackson universe. She’s got it all: immortality, bravery, exceptional fighting skills, and a super cool haircut.

We wish her a very happy birthday and another year of success, quests, and not actually aging!