The Fall of Draco Mal- Oops, Tom Felton; A Golf Incident

Mishaps are common and scary. The actor of Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Seeker, Tom Felton, has recently had an incident while playing golf.

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Tom Felton and Draco

The actor who is the biggest fan of the Harry Potter franchise and played Draco Malfoy in the eight-part movie series recently had a medical incident while participating in a golf event. Tom Felton, the heartthrob Malfoy, was attending and playing in the celebrity golf exhibition at the Ryder Cup when this unfortunate mishap happened.

The exhibition was a celebrity match between Europe and America where, along with Tom, was ice hockey player, Teemu Selanne. The America team was being led by Mike Eruzione, former Olympic Hockey Captain and Dan Jansen, speed skater.  

Image Via BBC

He was on the 18th hole of the event when he fell down with no known direct cause. The fall caused great havoc and many went to aid the actor. Others present helped him onto a stretcher, which was then placed on a golf cart that then drove Felton to the nearest medical facility.

The present authorities did not provide more information about him. We may not know about the current condition of the actor but we all can pray for the man behind Draco, Slytherin’s quidditch seeker, to make a quick recovery after this golf incident.