‘The Four of Them’ A Webtoon About High School Friendships

‘The Four of Them’ is a Webtoon about navigating high school life and finding your individuality. With the help of friendship and reflection.

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The Four of Them is a Webtoon about school drama between five individuals. It focuses on four individuals who are frienda, and the additional one is the protagonist’s sister. This amazing Webtoon discusses four different journeys for high schoolers to go through. When it comes to being aware of yourself and who you are as a person. This Webtoon was created by Mai Hirschfeld. The Four of Them has a new season and updates are every Monday.

The Four of Them Plot


Getting crushed by your crush. Learning your sister is your dating rival. Coming out to parents. High School has its turns, highs and lows . . . To get through it you need friends. Johnny’s friends are Gaby, Mariel and Martina, and they spend their teen years together. How will Johnny get over his crush? How will any of them get through high school?

Meet the High Schoolers


Johnathan Grillo always fights with his sister. They compete in everything. What sucks is that she wins every time. But when he has a crush on one of the girls in school, he wants to succeed in getting a girlfriend and possibly gloat about it to his sister. But to his surprise his long time crush is actually dating his sister! Talk about a shocker. With his heart tattered, he tries to move on and reinvent himself through new friendships, academics, and soccer. Soon he will learn that romance takes time.

Micaela Grillo is the perfect sister. She is good at everything Johnny isn’t. She is more outgoing, an overachiever, and likes to boast about it. Despite their bickering, she does care about him in a sarcastic, teasing way. She is dating Mariel, Johnny’s crush, not that Micaela knows that. She is outspoken and wants Mariel to make their relationship known. But Micaela will learn about patience, listening, and that everyone can excel at their own pace.


Gabriel and Gaby are best friends with Johnathan, aka Johnny. Johnny is his only friend. Gaby takes pride in being anti social with other people. To him, one friend is enough. He is gay, and an introvert who keeps to himself. He struggles to communicate to his family and especially Johnny. But soon he will make a new friend and he doesn’t know exactly how to deal with his feelings.


Martina is the social butterfly. She is friends with everybody. She has acquaintances left and right. She is a good spirit through and through. She is outgoing, funny, and always enjoys meeting new people. When she meets Gaby and Johnny she becomes close to them right away, especially Gaby. One thing she makes clear is that friendship is the only thing she can offer. She is the friend that tries to cheer up others and listens to their troubles.


Mariel is super shy and doesn’t have any friends. She is dating Micaela, who is the complete opposite of her. She struggles to come out to her family, but says she wants to. Mariel will learn about loving herself and opening up to others. Soon she has Martina, Johnny, and Gaby by her side as she learns more about being outspoken and proud of her sexuality.


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