‘The Good, The Bart, and The Loki’: The Recap

We NEED to talk about the BIG MCU and Simpsons crossover special that just dropped on Disney Plus. This is indeed what happens when Disney buys Marvel and Fox.

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We NEED to talk about the BIG MCU and Simpsons crossover special that just dropped on Disney Plus. This is indeed what happens when Disney buys Marvel and Fox. SPOILERS AHEAD!



The short begins with a recreation of the Loki opening. Drawn in the Simpsons style of animation, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) stands on the Rainbow Bridge with Odin, Thor, Heimdall and other familiar Asgardian faces. He is banished to Springfield because of his crimes against his home. After literally being kicked out, the God of Mischief lands into The Simpsons’ backyard.

Bart asks to see if he’s alright but Loki asks what he knows of an abusive father and a perfect sibling. We then see them eating dinner in the Simpsons’ home to which Loki shows off his mystical powers.


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Bart then tells Loki to get Lisa to which he then teleports her to what looks to be basement in Asgard. Fenris, Hela’s wolf, seems to be taking a nap while Mjollnir catches Lisa’s attention.

She is deemed worthy, gets all of Thor’s powers then rockets off back home with the Springfield Avengers in tow. We see a lot of iconic Springfield characters dressed as their MCU counter parts. Some highlights include, Marge’s sisters, Patty and Selma as Wanda and Agatha respectively. Barney as Iron Man, Moe as Vision, Dr. Hibbert as Falcon, Ned Flanders as Ant-Man, Millhouse as Hawkeye, and Ralph as The Incredible Hulk.


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Lisa tells Loki that he is outta there but he sounds vastly different than before. The God of Mischief is up to his old tricks again and unknowingly switches places with Bart. She tosses her brother to who knows where, and Loki snuggles into Bart’s bed. And he remarks that he finally found a functional family.

As Marvel does they have insane fun with the credits with a lot of Easter eggs throughout. They have art depicting Comic Book Guy as Thanos, snapping the heroes out of existence. Another still has Homer trying to lift Mjollnir (because of course who wouldn’t?). There is a still of Homer as Drax, Marge as Gamora, the family dog as Rocket and Bart’s treehouse as Groot. Barney is hanging up the Iron Man suit in pieces on a clothes line, and to end off, Maggie is watching episode two of WandaVision with the Van Houtens as Wanda and Vision.

We do get to a mid-credit scene where Loki poses as Moe and lectures the patrons, more so Barney, about how their planet was dying to due the empty glass bottles of beer end up in the oceans. Who knew Loki was such a planeteer?!

The first of the end credit scenes is where Ralph (as the Hulk) recreates the unforgettable moment where Hulk demolishes Loki in Stark’s tower from the first Avengers movie way back when. The last end credit scene has us back at the TVA in episode 1 of Loki where he is getting judged by Ravenna Renslayer. This time around, some of his crimes include being more popular than the heroes, having a British accent when he’s supposed to be from Norway, and crossing over into forbidden areas of Disney+.




This special was such a welcomed surprise and just plain old fun. Did you watch it? Tell us what you thought below!


Featured image via TV Insider