‘The Prince of Southland’: Fame, Crime, Love, Androids

‘The Prince of Southland’ is a science fiction romance Webtoon about fame, crime, love, and androids.

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Webtoon has done it again and created a new science fiction romance called The Prince of Southland. Creator Chris Geroux updates this comic every Wednesday.

Prince of Southland Plot


Donnie Ali’s reputation crumbles when he kisses an android. Relationships with droids are forbidden. But after the press releases another scandal on the news, he saves Jensen. Jensen Endo is a fugitive on the run from a mysterious assailant. To avoid more scandals as the Prince of Southland, he helps Jensen hide. While living under the same roof, paparazzi at every corner, could this new brewing romance lead to another disaster?

Here are three characters that play an essential role in the story.

Donnie Ali


Donnie is the Prince of Southland. He’s always seen as spoiled and troubled. The scandal between him and the droid worsened his reputation. Although everything about that wasn’t his fault, he still gets penalized. His reputation already ruined, he needs to be careful. However he has his own secret. He has a droid arm. He isn’t an android, however, his reputation would be ruined. When he helps Jensen without knowing he’s a fugitive it causes another dilemma. When he finds out he still agrees to keep him hidden in his home.

Jensen Endo


At a very young age he lost everything. He works for a mysterious entity that lives underground. He is an assassin of sorts. Living underground for so long, being manipulated, he finally escapes. On the surface he is on the run. With his luck he encounters Donnie in dangerous circumstances. Now he lives under his roof to hide. As they get to know each other, their horrible secrets are exposed. Jensen feels close to someone for the first time. Hopefully with Donnie’s help he can figure out his next move.

The Witch


This mysterious being is The Witch. She is in charge of the underground bounty hunters. There is no information of what that thing is, or if it’s a droid or human. All we know so far is that it manipulates the hunters, using holograms and their pasts to haunt them. Jensen is one of it’s victims. The motive behind The Witch is unknown. Hopefully more will be revealed as the series continues.

Go check out the ongoing first season of The Prince of Southland on Webtoon.

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