‘The Witcher’ Gets its Final Season 2 Trailer

We are approaching the home stretch to the airing of the new season of ‘The Witcher.’ Let us unpack what the trailer reveals to fans of the show.

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We’re in the home stretch now. The much anticipated season two of The Witcher is just a few holidays away from your queue. After what’s felt like an eternity of production errors and halts, Netflix delivers one final chunk of bread leading fans into the next chapter of The Witcher television franchise. The hype almost seemed to be dying down early this year, but was revitalized during July’s WitcherCon; however, only so much was gathered from that initial sneak peek as to what’s coming to Geralt and friends eminently. We knew Geralt was training Ciri in the ways of monster hunting while exploring her dangerous powers that could spell the end of the continent, but as fans we desired more. With the new trailer, we have more of an understanding of where the plot of the season is heading towards while it entices us with the spectacle.

Plot-wise, the gist of the trailer shows that the armies of Nilfgaard are gathering their resources and warriors to wage war with the north, and Yennefer is being utilized by Frangilla in some manner to further their goals. Meanwhile, we get a better look at some of the action that’ll take place as Geralt tries to gather his fellow witchers to assist Ciri in eventually fighting back against the Nilfgaardian horde, and reclaiming her throne.

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The trailer presents some striking visuals of the continent– from the blood-soaked aftermath of the Battle of Sodden Hill, to the Witcher’s training hub Kaer Morhen. One particular detail of this trailer seems to best the first season which is a more auteur approach to the cinematography. Each frame here feels separate and distinct in its tone, much like differing chapters in a book which couldn’t be more fitting for this adaptation. It seems the delays may have enhanced the production, as well as the gaining popularity, allowed the staff to craft this exciting world to massacre monsters in whether they be beasts or men. And just for good measure, it concludes with Geralt reuniting with everyone’s favorite bard Jaskier who composed arguably the catchiest medieval jingle in history.

With the star-studded returning cast as well as some very welcome new faces The Witcher season 2 is looking to be one of the best ways to end the year with a valiant sword swing. The Witcher season 2 will premiere this holiday season on December 17th.

Watch the trailer here!

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