The World Of Readers: Success Of BookTok In 2021

Readers are known for being less social but seeing the platform BookTok has garnered, readers are rising. They have the power for change!

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When readers are not reading or scavenging for books, there is a high chance that they are scrolling through TikTok and falling down the rabbit hole of BookTok.

BookTok is a growing force in the world of literature. With new and innovative ways to share one’s love for books, the community is growing every day. A person needs 15 secs to make a book review viral. Phone camera angled to a shelf, a book or more in hand and complete it with a trending soundtrack. Add a personal touch of a story or opinion and you have an outline for your BookTok account ready.

@Thesequelnobodywanted is a BookToker who has over 150k+ followers on TikTok and over 65k+ on Instagram. They create content on various tropes, cliches and also reviews. With the aid of humor, they have increased their following quickly, having started their account in March of this year.

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Effect Of The BookTok Success

Before the beginning of the pandemic, one would have to actively hunt for book content. Be it on TikTok or Instagram or even YouTube. Now even people who are not inclined to read for fun (the shock!) are audience to the rise of BookTok. The For You algorithm filters videos based on various factors, thus reaching people who are not interested in books. It gives a larger reach to the creators and increases their platform.

By following trends of various kinds and smart use of tags, it is possible to go viral quickly. It could be about reviewing books, commenting on writing styles or pointing out toxic natures of certain tropes. Content is not limited to books and the 26 billion views in BookTok are proof of that.

The success of the forum is credited to the creators who bring uniqueness and individuality to their work. Elizabeth Cayoutee, who is on TikTok under @bettysbooklist, creates content by sharing the plot of a book as if it is an actual experience of hers. Adorning the role of the protagonist, she shares the plot in the first person. It creates intrigue and gives a real shock, which forces the viewers to check the book out.

The platform has changed the scenario of books. It is the reason for the rise of popularity of many, like The Song of Achilles or The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. Companies like Barnes and Noble and other notable booksellers have incorporated BookTok in their work as well. Barnes and Noble started a category called “Discover Popular BookTok Books”

All this is because readers are a community who love to read and then talk about it.

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