Three Books With Good Minority Representation

If you happen to like your books with some LBGT and/or POC and/or disabled representation (wow, that’s a list!), here are some recommendations you might enjoy.

Diversity Fiction LGBTQIA+ Reads Recommendations

Happy Human Rights Day readers! We at Bookstr are huge fans of good literature, which means that we don’t limit ourselves in terms of representation. It’s always a delight finding books featuring characters with qualities that tend to be erased or misrepresented in the media. If you happen to like your books with some LBGT and/or POC and/or disabled cast (wow, that’s a list!), then here are some recommendations you might enjoy.

My Heart To Find by Elin Annalise

My Heart to Find is an #ownvoices story for asexuality and chronic illness representation (Lyme Disease and Encephalitis-induced OCD, also known as PANS). This book features avid crime-fiction-reader Cara Tate, twenty-five years old, shy, asexual, and desperate to find love. But finding other aces isn’t easy–especially when there’s no guarantee of a connection. Are you going to find your fictional twin in this novel?

Cementery Boys by Aiden Thomas

We got some trans representation, give me a cheer! A ghost summoning ritual gone wrong leaves Yadriel the only one who might have the clues to solve a recent murder case. He did not need more problems in life, with his family issues, his hormone therapy, and puberty hitting all at once. See if he can juggle his problems and the problems of his ghost companion in this fun coming-of-age story.

Euphoria Kids by Alison Evans

Come on Studio Ghibli fans, what are you waiting for? Check out this magical book where teens are cursed to become invisible, make friends anyway, and explore the dangers of magic. Adult supervision is for losers and kids who don’t want to see the dangers of witches and fae first hand, and our protagonists don’t fall in those categories for sure. They’re also very queer, so come get that good representation.