Three Native American Poetry Book Recommendations

To celebrate Native American Heritage month, here are three Native American poetry books to explore.

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Its Native American Heritage Month, it’s time to acknowledge more amazing written work. Poetry is an artform that pushes the boundary and can really speak to people. These three authors have pushed the creative boundary, inciting some traditional tales within the text as well as their own experience. Here are three Native American Poetry books to explore this month.

Words Like Love by Tanaya Winder


Winder is a member of the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe. Her poems consists of critiques regarding colonialism and violence. It’s a debut collection that defines love with family, cultural bonds, and romanticism. Each poem is crafted to explore the joys and laments of love. Ready to get your heart squeezed and your mind blown?!

When My Brother Was an Aztec by Natalie Diaz


The author of this poetry collection, Natalie Diaz, have won the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. These poems establish the foreground of peculiar circumstances of the family dynamic vs individuality and passion. It goes against the Western myths that have been ingrained into our society. Its fast paced and focuses on the family Mojave life. With the author’s dark humor and dream, a sister that has a brother who has snorted the white crystal; these poems can cut deep but also provide a laugh that is relatable and needed when thinking of family.

Corpse Whale by dg nanouk okpik


This poetry volume is traditional and contemporary. The poems are in perspective of the twenty first century. The lyrical elements are refreshing, vibrant and rarely seen in a contemporary poetry. The author calls onto the five senses to pull us into her worlds. All poems can be standalones but they all intertwine together. The author has a way of connecting the landscapes to the natural process of how we see nature and life. If you like that philosophical route, then this poetry collection will intrigue all your senses.

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