Three Reasons Why Charlie Weasley is Underappreciated

Out of the entire Weasley family, Charlie Weasley is the most underappreciated. Here are 3 reasons why Charlie Weasley is important in the Harry Potter Universe.

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In the Harry Potter Universe, he’s the guy who’s mentioned going to Romania. He’s in our beloved Harry Potter book series, but when it comes to all the Weasley children, he doesn’t seem to get credit. Charlie Weasley is an underappreciated character. Today is his birthday, so let’s celebrate why Charlie Weasley is one of the best Weasleys.

1. He is the Best Sibling


In the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Ron talks about Charlie being away in Romania. It’s even said that Ron wrote letters to Charlie asking for help, advice and to see how he is in Romania. All the siblings are very close to Charlie, said to have written letters, and point out that he’s the one far away from home. Despite such a long distance, Charlie was even at Bill and Fleur’s wedding in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

2. He is the Weasley Rebel


We all can agree that the Weasley parents are very overprotective (Molly Weasley mostly). It’s understandable. When you have a lot of children, you will dote on them no matter how old they get. Charlie, being the second eldest child, wanted to work with dragons. He pursued his dream despite Arthur and Molly Weasley’s worries. It takes a lot of effort to move so far away from a close-knit family dynamic.

3. A Possible Representation for the Asexual Community


Though it was never directly confirmed by J.K. Rowling, her comment on Charlie never marrying or dating (being “more interested in dragons than women”) adheres to the several Harry Potter fans and fandom sites that believe Charlie Weasley is asexual. There have been rumors in the fandom that we’ll take speculation in order to get some representation for the LGBTQIA community. But if that’s the closest we’ll get (besides Albus Dumbledore being gay) then we as Harry Potter fans will run with it.

Have a Happy Birthday Charlie Weasley.

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