Timothée Chalamet Wonka: A True Eye-Candy

Wonka is the real candy man and very deservingly he is getting his own movie. Starring Timothée Chalamet, the 2023 movie has just dropped their first look!

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With Netflix buying Roald Dahl’s rights and releasing their own adaptations, Willy Wonka can be seen in the news a lot. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is not new to the buzz of adaptations. Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp have brought the eccentric Wonka to life. It turns out even Timothée Chalamet is all ready to adorn himself as the icon for the prequel.

The candy man, Wonka is getting a movie on his life and in the last year, fans took it upon themselves to debate which star should be cast. With debates heightening between Tom Holland and Timothée Chalamet, the latter was finally cast. It is absolutely surprising how many times the two’s professional paths have crossed. From Spider-Man where Chalamet went home disappointed to the latest Zendaya frenzy, Wonka joined the list of Holland-Chalamet debates.

Caption- The suspense is terrible,
I hope it will last …
🏭WONKA🍫 | Image Via @tchalamet Instagram

We know the result of the debate was right because when Timothée posted the first look of Wonka, hearts swooned. Many comparisons were made to his costume with that of previous Wonkas. His top hat was darker than Wilder’s and his topcoat was lighter than both Depp’s and Wilder’s; the audience doesn’t miss.

In his second slide, he teased the walking cane held by Willy which was made with wood and brass and had an opening that revealed a purple and red wrapped present. Without a doubt, the Paul King-directed prequel to our beloved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has already piqued our interest. Can’t handle this suspense anymore!

Featured Image Via Timothée Chalamet @tchalamet Instagram