Tom Ford Set To Release ‘Tom Ford 002’

Tom Ford, one of the fashion industry’s biggest and most loved names, is set to release his second autobiography on November 10.

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Tom Ford is a king in the fashion industry—a name that carries weight amongst any good fashion enthusiast. Not only a genius designer, Ford is also a jack of all trades. Tom Ford is also a director (he wrote and directed the Oscar nominated film Nocturnal Animals in 2016), writer, and recently expressed his interest in acting. Following his first autobiography in 2004, Ford will release Tom Ford 002 on Wednesday, November 10.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Ford 002 will encompass the last 15 years of Ford’s life and experiences since his departure as creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent in 2004 (which has garnered a cult following—Tom Ford Gucci anyone?). In 2005, Ford started his eponymous label, Tom Ford, which has more than 100 stores worldwide, and in 2009, he dabbled in writing and directing with A Single Man.

Ford’s autobiography is an introspective journey and will feature a blunt and reflective Ford baring all his thoughts and memories in a 400 page book that was originally 1000 pages before edit. He starts out each chapter with diary-esque one liners and talks about Hollywood, fashion, his struggle with substance abuse, and eventually, marriage and fatherhood.

Tom Ford 002 will be available on Wednesday, November 10 at Tom Ford boutiques and the online website.

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