Tom Hiddleston Tapped to Play Loki in Marvel-The Simpsons Crossover Event

Woo-hoo! Springfield’s favorite family is soon to be graced by the God of Mischief in the upcoming Marvel-The Simpsons crossover. Voiced by none other than Tom Hiddleston himself!

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A crossover event with Springfield’s favorite family and the God of Mischief? All I can say is: Woo-hoo! Today, the house of mouse announced The Simpsons crossover: “The Good, The Bart, and The Loki,” which will star the iconic Tom Hiddleston as the MCU’s God of Mischief. The synopsis released from Disney reads:

Loki is banished from Asgard once again and must face his toughest opponents yet: the Simpsons and Springfield’s mightiest heroes…The God of Mischief teams up with Bart Simpson in the ultimate crossover event paying tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe of Superheroes and villains.



A Loki and Bart Simpson alliance? Accompanied with Tom Hiddleston’s legendary Loki charm? Somehow Disney always knows what we need. How many iconic characters can you spot in the poster below?


Image via WinterisComing


This isn’t far fetched for Disney, a while ago they released the short film, “The Force Awakens From Its Nap”, on Disney+, a crossover between the Star Wars universe and The Simpsons. The studio claims it’s all part of their efforts to “highlight the service’s marquee brands and titles” so simply put: crossovers make everybody happy. Not to mention since Loki is essentially based on our favorite shapeshifter visiting various dimensions, Loki making a pitstop in Springfield seems extremely on brand for him. Crossing my fingers for a Loki and Lisa scene as we speak!

“The Good, The Bart, and The Loki” drops on Disney+ on July 9. What other crossovers should The Simpsons do? Happy watching!