Two Friends Dealing with Grief: ‘Her Bucket List’ Webtoon

‘Her Bucket List’ is a Webtoon about two characters dealing with grief and loss. Join them as they find comfort in each other and the journey ahead.

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Her Bucket List is a popular Webtoon by YellowSheep and illustrated by So-p. It revolves around two characters who have dealt with loss. Having this loss holds them back from just being in the present. Her Bucket List will make you swoon over their journey of friendship, love, and acceptance.

There are two main characters: Rari and Hansol.

Cha Ra Ri (Rari)


Rari is a tutor who lost her boyfriend a while ago. Filled with heartache, she decides to finish the bucket list they started. She has a hard time properly grieving over her dead boyfriend. However, with Hansol’s help, she will be able to make amends.

Kang Hansol


Hansol is a college student and Rari’s neighbor. He has serious stage fright. However, when he meets Rari unexpectedly, he can manage his stage fright. He starts to feel comfortable singing in large crowds. Hansol’s goal is to get over his fears, and helping Rari with her bucket list is a way for them to become closer.

Both Hansol and Rari can heal their grief together. This is a great teary story about recovery and loss. If you are a sap for Webtoon comics already, please read Her Bucket List. This Webtoon is completed.

There is a movie in the works based on this Korean comic. To find out more information please search That Woman’s Bucket List Movie.


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