Unhaul Your Books, Like Yesterday

Stop throwing your unwanted books into a corner of your room to collect dust. Here’s four reasons why you should give away your books from now on.

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Nothing’s more exciting than getting a new book. Or two. Or ten. It’s that feeling of all the different stories waiting to be read, the pages to be turned, and just wanting to swim in a pool filled with your recent purchases. Is there such a thing as a book-high? Because if so, that’s what that is.

But then we reach the end of the ride and realize that we didn’t like all the books. At least not enough to have them take up space on our bookshelves. (Or if you’re like me, under my queen-sized bed).

Now what? Where do these books go? Hidden away somewhere to collect dust or thrown away in the trash can for the raccoons to gnaw at? The answer is neither. Books are an absolute treasure and just because you don’t like a certain jewel, doesn’t mean it won’t be cherished by someone else.

But that’s not the only reason why you should give away your books. In fact, here are four reasons why you should start unhauling any books you don’t find yourself swooning over. So grab some boxes and let’s say goodbye to our years-old YA novels that we haven’t thought of since we were sixteen.



It’s easier to do than ever before




Thanks to the Internet, there are loads of places you can discover for unhauling purposes. Facebook groups, little free libraries, your local bookstore––there’s almost nothing holding you back from getting your unwanted books to a new home. Of course, be sure to do thorough research before taking any action.


More space for new books




Maybe this isn’t the best reason for us readers who buy way too many books at a time, but it’s also the most convincing. The longer our TBR list is, the more motivated we feel. It keeps us going whenever we’re in a book hangover or reading slump. Must. Keep. Reading.


It can be a fun way to kill time




Like when we go through old photo albums and smile at the bright memories, we can do the same with books. Even if the book wasn’t the best, there’s always something positive to look at. While I might’ve not enjoyed Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, I can look at the cover and remember that one time I brought it along to one of my family’s beach trips and how much fun I had that day.


It’s just time to say goodbye




My first unhaul was hard. I had to continuously ask myself if I really wanted to give away my copy of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I grew up reading the books from front to back, but I also knew my adult self wasn’t going to do anything with it. So, with a bit of grip, I hesitantly gave them away to a kid who practically finished the first one in a week.