The Perks of being a Wallflower: What Makes This Movie Irresistible

Today is the anniversary of the movie adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Here is why this film adaptation is unlike any other.

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First screened in 2012, even today the film adaptation of Perks is still a hit. There are many reasons why this movie is so memorable. One is that the creators of the movie adapted an amazing story. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is both heartwarming, and heartbreaking. It is a beautiful coming-of-age story through the eyes of a boy who had experienced immense trauma, and now he must navigate his way through high school alone. Perks had created an almost cult-like following amongst the early readers of the book. It was only right for Hollywood to push for a successful film adaptation. Here is why this movie is so irresistible:


The way that this movie came together seemed almost effortless. This has a lot to do with this overwhelming sense of closeness and togetherness with the cast. It is evident in the movie that there is a bond between these characters that transcends what you witness on screen. The director, who is also the author of the book, Chbosky, states that the young actors got along almost too well, as there was some fooling around on set. This makes the story even more sweet and heartwarming.

This movie adaptation additionally was all the more perfect because the author was also the director; he ensured that there were no important details that usually get left out in book to movie adaptations. As a book person, there is nothing more disappointing than a sloppy adaptation that leaves out the best details of the book. Chbosky made the adaptation mirror the book as best as he could and brought Perks to full fruition. He mentioned in an interview with MTV that the film is basically an offering of his heart. After watching the film, you will definitely agree.

Finally, the cast. The cast members perfectly fit their role, even physically. There cannot be a group of more beautiful people and amazing actors. Logan Lerman fits Charlie’s persona and demeanor so well; there could not have possibly been a better fit for this role. The same goes for Emma Watson and Ezra Miller. As a fan of the book, they all just fit the characters perfectly. Almost too perfectly where I feel like Chbosky pre-cast these characters prior to him writing the book.

For the anniversary of the premier, I advise everyone to go watch the film (and don’t forget the tissues).