Why ‘Acception’ is the Most Progressive Webtoon

‘Acception’ is a Webtoon that inspires progression in our society. Set in high school, the characters evolve and become open minded. Self expression, sexual identity and self acceptance are just a few of the themes in this series. If you enjoy fashion, high school drama, and real life experiences; this Webtoon is for you!

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If you are looking for a fantastic Webtoon comic read, I recommend Acception


This Webtoon was created by Colourbee.  Acception talks about sexual identity, self-expression through clothes, and self-acceptance. These topics are the foundation of this Webtoon.  Acception revolves around a few characters. Each of these characters grows and learns about themselves. The chapters are short, but discuss issues that many teenagers face on a daily basis. It’s Webtoons like this that prove there is more open-minded progress in today’s reading material.


Let me introduce you to the characters!



Arcus is the most positive guy you’ll ever come across. With his rainbow hair and flashy clothes, he is loads of fun and wants to make friends. Arcus is a proud fashionista. Being the new kid gives him an advantage. He can wear his latest colorful and fun creations. Arcus has a secret fashion channel which makes him popular online. Online (where no one knows who he is) loves his style. His classmates, however, judge his self-expression. Arcus is just a heterosexual male who enjoys all things rainbow.  Despite bullies making fun of his clothing and sexuality, he sees the good in everyone.




Maud is a brooding goth girl. She is very intelligent and enjoys keeping to herself. Her fashion is dark and spooky. She has very few friends and wants to keep it that way. Although her friendship with Arcus was one-sided at first, she begins to enjoy Arcus’s company. Maud may seem scary and rude, but she cares for her friends. Even though Arcus and Maud’s fashions are polar opposites, they bond. She is very independent and takes responsibility for herself and her brother Gale. Maud is the kind of person who is open-minded and speaks her own mind bluntly.



Iris is the popular girl in school. She is known for her gorgeous looks and for being the center of attention. Iris starts bullying Arcus for his style and appearance. Being the beauty queen of high school, she is up-to-date with her fashion trends. Little does she know that her fashion idol is secretly Arcus himself. Having an annoying older sister makes her defensive at home. In school, Iris is unaware of her ‘friends’ bullying her. Once Iris hits rock bottom, she’ll learn that beauty isn’t everything.




Lola is a sweet energetic girl. Later on in the Webtoon, Lola is the new student. Lola is a transgender woman. She falls in love with Arcus at first sight. At first, she thinks Arcus is just like her—a transgender person. However, when Arcus tells Lola he’s a cisgender male, she is disappointed. However, Arcus and Lola become good friends. Lola learns more about self-expression for other people. Lola’s style is similar to Arcus’s— very feminine and colorful.




Gale is Maud’s older brother. His priority is to graduate high school. Even though Maud has pushed him to do well in class, he doesn’t care. Gale would much rather play video games than study. Despite Maud’s tutoring sessions, he doesn’t do well. He skips school and is lazy. Although it seems that he’s a lost cause, he slowly changes. Noticing Maud being the only adult in the house, he tries to get better. So with a few odd jobs and a study schedule, he’s on the right track. He’s best known for his acne, but he is now sharing the responsibility with Maud to create a happy home for themselves.

All these characters evolve over time. Arcus is the main character, but each individual who meets him has changed. This is more than just Arcus’s story. Each of these characters has growth. they learn about themselves and help each other. When high school experiences hit major lows, they get up. Go read Acception on the Webtoon app. Watch as their high school lives unfold.


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